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Exciting, constipating trivia!

I just got this lappie mousie from Yong Kuang. Thanks for "donating it away". Ha ha.

I have been in a depression of late. Not really been mixing much with anyone this week anyway.
So I shall bore you guys with mindless, cynical, exciting and constipating trivia about yours truly.

Have fun reading!

* My favourite colour is light blue. I hate pink. Black is unfortunately still fashionable though.

* I enjoy listening to classical, broadway and easy listening music.

* Listens to gospel music when depressed.

* Listens to classical music when trying to study or read.

* I like listening to Charlotte Church's album, Enchantment.

* I wear a watch all the time. Eventhough I am almost always late for everything.

* Gets lethargic easily.

* The shows I have picked up watching since moving to Unit35 is Whose Line Is It, Myth Busters, and Yes Minister!

Am a tomboy. If you didn't know that until now, you must be living on the wrong planet.

* I have no qualms doing things alone. If you don't believe me, ask KKT who didn't believe I went to Sushi King alone for lunch, or my roomie, LYK, who didn't believe I had ice-cream at Baskin Robbins alone, and not shared it with anyone else. Hah!

* Will purposely start coughing if someone smokes in my presence.

* Will purposely start tapping the floor with my shoe/heels if the person in front of queue takes too long to get their business done, or if they cut my queue. (Take cue from Legally Blonde).

* Has no problems grossing people out. I don't care if you are watching.

* Was quoted by my friend to always be doing this:

- Rolls eyes if I don't like something, and says " Can I roll my eyes yet?".

* When I am annoyed with you, I shut my gab. You'll know eventually.

* I am extremely beautiful. Except in the case of the the bad dry weather in Toowoomba and a bad hair-cut, which keeps causing me to look like a constipated cow or a scarecrow.

* Will break into a song and dance out of a sudden in the middle of nowhere.

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