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A trick it is not,
An emotion it is.
Sadness overwhelming,
Core of my very soul.

Partings and meetings,
new and old.
One is silver,
The other is gold.

Pain in my heart,
Anger the other.
God, I wonder,
What meaning derived is this?

Peace I strive,
Tranquility I desire.
Help me God,
Just help me God.


Anonymous said...

your so beautiful, why dont you post more pictures of yourself?
L.A. California

cheayee said...


But beautiful is pretty subjective.

One does not feel too beautiful after the winter dry weather has done havoc with both the skin and if you are walking around with "panda" like dark circles like you had just woken up.

Anonymous said...

it's not your looks that i meant when i said our beautiful. i've had a chance to read some of your post and i cant tell that your very deep and have a beautiful heart. i wish you were in the states you seem to be the kind of person who would be a good friend.
los angeles, c.a

cheayee said...



THats a very beautiful thing to say.

Unfortunately, not all my friends seem to realise that.

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