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Emo and work "no can do".


Emo and work "no can do".

It was raining this morning. I was feeling absolutely grumpy as I wanted to catch the bus at 6.50 am, but it didn't arrive till 7.30 am, and I was caught at the bus stand in the midst of the rain. By the time I arrived at the centre, it was already 8.30 am.

I was annoyed not so much that I arrived at 8.30, but because I had a tutorial for one of the other courses that I had to attend on Thursdays at 5pm, and I thought I was going to have to skip it today.

I was mulling over it the entire morning, thinking of what to say to the mentor, if she could allow me to get off early so that I could catch the bus and get to the university in time. My attendance for this tutorial was also taken down, so it was important that I did not miss any of the tutorials.

Finally, one of the other university students told me that I could negotiate the hours with the mentor, and I could replace the hours should I had not done them.

Which is what I finally did.

I told the mentor that I did not want her to think that I was slacking off, or that I did not want to help out in the classroom, if that was what she thought. The mentor was supportive enough that she allowed me to get off at the same time I did last week, and she discouraged me from skipping my tutorial.

She was wondering why I had a tutorial on a Thursday, when the other students didn’t, and I told her that they were all Year 1 students, whereas I was not, and was taking a combination of differe nt intake courses as a result.

Anyway, the other thing was that, I felt that the spirits of the individuals in the classroom (children, classroom assistant) was rather low this morning. I also saw the classroom assistant crying (which I could immediately discern it to be a personal issue), and

As it is, I tried to cheer up, so that I would not be feeling as low as she was. Having one staff feeling low is bad enough, without the need for two other adults to be feeling just as low as well.

I was really praying hard this morning after coming into the classroom, as I really did not want my emotions and worries to affect my performance at the workplace, and that the entire atmosphere would lighten up. Which, fortunately it somehow did.

It is known that it is not appropriate for a staff to bring personal issues to the workplace, especially in a service that involves young children, but I would state that it is difficult for a human to always be able to divorce their emotional state from their work place state.

Somehow, being at the workplace with all the children around helps me not to ponder so much on the issues I have at home, because I have to focus on the children instead and my Duty of Care I have towards them.

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Introducing Michael Chan!


Introducing Michael Chan!

Guys and Gals, and daddies and mummies (like mine!) and relatives in KL and all over,

Would now like to introduce Mr. Michael Chan from Gold Coast, Australia.

An acquaintance and house mate of my cousin, Adrian Wee, who is currently now residing in Indooropilly, Brisbane.

Mike (as I call him), is currently at University of Queensland doing his doctorate thesis and research in "bang-bang type phase locked loop systems."

Whatever that means.

He just returned from a conference in the States, and has lots of lovely pictures to look at.

25 years of age, he likes snooker, science fiction and liquor. Of chinese descent, still single and available for the picking if any of you gals are interested. Very decent fella, hor? ;-)
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Shall We Talk?

Shall We Talk?

I wonder if you really knew me.
Do you?

Is that as you think?
Or, that as you want to?

I wonder.

Can't you see it in my eyes?
What which I feel,
Is not what you see me to be.

Can't you guess by now?
I am really no different from you.

Handicapped in ways I can't express,
In need of help.
In need of help.

I'd like to share with you,
But I can't.

I'd like to know you,
But you won't.

I'd like to see you,
But you aren't there.

My emotions are cold.
Hard. Rocky. Broken.

Talk to me.
I really want you to.
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Reading between the lines.


Reading between the lines.

Last weekend, I visited Under Water World. The group that went consisted of students from the university.

Anyway, I was having this random conversation with Alan and the group, and he noticed something. It was too funny.

Do you know how it is like when you are there and telling a story to a person, and all of a sudden, in the middle of a social group interaction, you can just watch their eyes almost immediately just "light up" with understanding....?

Of course, he had this almost really cheeky smile which unfortunately, or fortunately the rest did not seem to have noticed. That would have exactly given the game away. I knew what he was thinking almost immediately at that very moment. So much so that I had to break eye contact...but I definitely knew that I was in trouble! Obviously I pressed him on it much later when the group had scattered. You know that you can't do anything about it, unless you tried to "bluff" your way out of it. Which was showing so blatantly on my face!

I knew that he knew what I knew.

When I mentioned what happened to another friend, she was almost just as surprised that he could actually "realise" it. It was just TOO funny. She, meanwhile, had heard something he had vaguely mentioned, and putting 1 + 1 together, came up with the same conclusion! So there. There are 3 of us who happen to know the same thing without actually mentioning it. Ha ha ha.
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Pow-w0w-ing Till the cows come home...

Pow-w0w-ing Till the cows come home...

Today I went grocery shopping with my house mate from India, Avadhut (or Avee) at Clifford's.

Ok, neither me nor he has had breakfast, so we decided to stop over for coffee and cake at Michel's Pattisserie.

A nice steaming mug of cappuccino and a slice of delicious strawberry cheesecake.

(Actually he's right just behind me in YK's room with blardy strawberries stuffed in his mouth and made a face when I told him I was blogging...Ha ha).

We had left our house at about 10.15am.

The cleaner ladies were at home for their bi-yearly spring cleaning of the larder and the kitchen and were muttering something along the lines of "pigstye".

I concur.

Anyway, back to the topic....

It was lovely just having cake and coffee in the middle of the morning on a WEEKDAY and having a nice and lovely pow-wow 2 hour session.

My jaw was jabbering more than it was munching.By the time 1 hour had passed, my cake laid half famished with the rest being poked around with the silver utensil it had come prepared with.

By the time we finished the cake and coffee, it was only 1 hour left for shopping, coz Avee had to attend a lecture in the afternoon.

(He pipes when I am typing halfway saying thank God for a lecture, or else we would have sat there pow-w0w-ing till the cows come home.....Ha ha.)

Anyway, we had a lively discussion on the pyschological states of the living and breathing case studies of select homosapiens within the 100 meter radius of our brick and concrete habitat.

It was most interesting. Since they were individuals with whom I had stayed in a straight succession of 36 hours in intimate proximity and displayed interaction behaviours unlike that of the normal controlled environment in a 4 hour setting.

One of the things that he brought up, and I am reminded of this fact is that, of the defence mechanism of individuals who are living in the real-time mode, ethereal mode, and the sun-revolves-around me suspended time mode.

Finally, we moved our dormant fat bums and went into the supermarket to get our grocery.

By the time we got home, it was about 1pm.

The cleaner lady started muttering something along the lines of "smelly rock onions", "smelly empty garlic bottles", and another that sounded vaguely like "pig stye"... (Apparently the cleaner ladies had washed all our dishes....)

Cleaner: wow, that's a lot of shopping done for 3 hours....
Me: Oh....yeah. Was it?
Cleaner: Well, I was here since 9am..
Me: Oh yeah..we had fun doing girl-ly stuff...Ha ha ha ha.

Much later in the day, Dr.Grace came over. I had bumped into her in the morning at the bus stand, and she came over after stopping over at another mate's unit.

I had another pow-wow.

The topic of Tony, my housemate came up....(nevermind how Tony even became a topic....)

(When making coffee in the kitchen and Tony had gone to get his laundry)...

Grace: Wah, really ah....he talks differently now already.
Me: I also know that la...
Grace: I wonder why ah?
Me: How I know ah?? Go ask him yourself la.

(Later, we spy Tony having toast by himself on the balcony outside his room)

Grace: Wah....didn't know Tony is so "sentimental" one ah?

Me: How I know him ah? Maybe he is lar...!
sial ah. I hungry.
Grace: Hai, you go join him makan toast out on the balcony la. No need him so lonely out there la.
Me: Eh, you
seow ah? What for ah? I don't want to go freeze myself out there la.
Grace: Aiya, I sit there, then become like Lamp post only la.
Me: Lamp post your head la.

Then we decided to watch Taming of the Shrew. Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. I had borrowed a DvD from the Toowoomba Library the Friday before.

*Boring*. I don't really like her acting. Gorgeous Babe she might be (50 years ago ler..that is!) . But....BADDD actress she is one.

Then later, after Grace had left, for dinner I cooked Pine-Apple Honey Orange Zest Chicken, and Fried Eggs with Potatoes and Carrot.

Avee said the Pine-Apple Honey Orange Zest Chicken gravy was yummy.

Justin said the chicken was tasty......

I looked at Avee. I knew what he was going to say. Then we both started giggling. It was too funny for words!

Actually, there was an interesting theory that was mentioned today. I think I might just put that into test. Who knows if it actually changes things or not!
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I am mostly a mild mannered girl.

Who barely throws a tantrum. Even when I feel like it.

With a high threshold of tolerance for total rubbish behaviour and crappy nonsense from mates.

I've got my limits though.

One of the rules I have learnt to live by is, if you do not appreciate your time being with me, I'd rather spend time with the cat.

Wall flowers.


A shovel.

To name a few.

You can kick those. You can bang those. You can be outright rude to those. But not to me.

Once is fine. I ignore it.

Twice is forgivable. I ignore it.

Thrice is biting that part of the spoon. I ignore it.

Fourth is, a nice whack on your bottom, and a nice hearing from me.

Torment me not.


Torment me not.

I know you are happy.
Torment me not.

Can't you see tis a struggle for me?

Each time I see you,
I know not what to think.

Yet each day I see you,
Wanting to talk to you.

You know not I am alive,
Yet, dead you want me not.

How much is too much?
How far is too far?

Yet you're not mine to have,
Yet my heart is not mine to give.

I wish to walk away,
To look away I want.

But like a gargoyle you sit there,
Haunting my very dreams.

How long have I to keep this act?
How long have I to avoid you?

I wish it all a bad dream,
And wake from heart ache slumber.

Torment me not,
With your face of happy laughter.

Torment me not,
With your face of silence.

Torment me not,
When you go away.

Torment me not,
I wish it were not so.

Yet you know not,
That torment in my soul.

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Invisible wall.

Invisible wall.

I push against it.
Time and again,
Yet it does not budge.

In front of me,

I ask myself.

My head is bleeding.
Yet you can't see it,
My heart it is the same.

Why do I do it?
From one to another.
I keep falling.

The wrong holes,
Are such a struggle.
It is such pain.

Help me climb out of it,
That bottomless pit.
That pit of pain and sorrow.

My heart I wish,
it were ripped out.
Emotionless. Heart-less. Happy-less.

I wish I could cry.
But I can't.

I wish I could laugh.
Yet, that is all I do.

I wish you could see me smile.
But my heart does not follow.

I cry in bed.
I cry in my room.
I cry not knowing what to do.

With each word, my tears flow.
Yet I can't show it,
Yet you can't see it.

Each time we meet,
A cheeky grin greets you.
But a knife sits pierced in my heart,
The blood invisible to all.

Terrified that it should crack.
That wall around me.
Can't you see it frightens me?

I pray each night.
That God should break it.
But the hammer he gives me not.

I wish.
I really wish.
I really wish so.

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The weekend rendezvous.

The weekend rendezvous.

It's been a nice long weekend at home this week. Well,

I have had the opportunity of meeting Yong Kuang's parents when they came over during the first semester holidays.

On Sunday, I also had the rare opportunity to meet Justin's parents, who popped in for that rare drop in. They were on their long service holidays, and had just returned from Papua New Guinea. Their visit is most on spot. For Justin anyway.

Tony's nanna (grandma) dropped in for a visit. It seemed that he spent the weekend at his grandma's.

One nice big happy family reunion.

Anyway, I had my hair coloured. Red. Again.

Actually, I did not think of having my hair trimmed, but the girls, R & H, seemed to enjoy it. I was having bad hair days of late, so I think a change of hair style was in need.

Rachel brought out this magazine on hair styles. Never thought she would actually own one. She was in her element.

Surprise. Surprise. Deborah actually owns this pair of scissors which has a "comb" blade on it!

I even painted my nails. Shimmery Mauve. I had been planning on doing that, but never actually got down to it anyways.

*Update* Dr,Grace came over for a sleep-over on the weekend. The boys thought we were comparing which guys at uni/church was good looking, but alas, to disappoint them, we were actually comparing Chinese vs Malay state schools and if I wanted them to ever go to a chinese school. Well, that depends on many factors (which I won't bore with details here!).

Well, there goes the weekend and comes the Monday blues again.

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It's out!


It's out!

It's out!

Did I tell you guys that I put in two entries for the library poetry competition?

Well, I am sorry Ren Kai....I wanted to put something of yours, but I couldn't find one which was suitable.

Well, the winners have not been announced yet, but the poems are out on the walls at the uni library now!


I will tell you guys when the names of the winners are announced next Friday.

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"I've grown accustomed to her face"..

"I've grown accustomed to her face"..

The famous line by Henry Higgins to Eliza Dolittle in the famous Rodgers & Hammerstein musical version of the Pygmalion story of My Fair Lady.

Ironic, but true.

I find that there is a tendency for persons who live in the same residential unit to take each other for granted.

We take it for granted that we are free to "be ourselves" and not watch how we act, say or do, because we think that "home" should be the place where everyone accepts you un-conditionally for who you are.

We take it for granted that we will always be able to find time to talk to them, when in reality we do not really seek them out..

We take it for granted that we will always get to know the others who live with us on a more personal and intimate level. But how would we know if that is just their social and public persona, or really their private self?

We take it for granted that we "actually know them because they live with us". Is that even true?

We take it for granted that others actually know that we care for them. But how would they know if we don't really take the time to tell and show them that we do?

I find that it is the people not living with you who are the ones that know you better as a person and on a more intimate level. Because they are not always there "in our face", we consciously seek them out to spend time with because we might feel that we don't spend that much time with them.

Let us watch ourselves that it will not be that we will take each other for granted. To be always conscious of how we behave. talk. say. do. and to always show both courtesy and love to one another.

I find that, as the only female living within the close vicinity of four other males, it is important that I retain that "part" of me. That part of me which is "female".

The reason where, there are times I have to isolate myself from my mates in order to pamper and that find that "inner" self of me which is "female".

The reason where, I have to keep reminding myself and understand that males can be very "insensitive" to how females think at most times, & we bond not through activities, but talking is the "glue" that "holds" females together.

Last, but not least, it is not vain for a female to dress up to go out. Anywhere at all. It is just an inborn and innate trait of every female. Which is why 20 minutes and above for dressing up is the min. and is expected of every female who lives in any house.

There should never be a question of "why do females always take so long to dress up?". What a Silly Question!

God made males and females different for a reason.

There really could be no other way.

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Love Your Neighbour.


Love Your Neighbour.

Love Your Neighbour as Thyself.

Forgive one another and bear one another's burdens.

You know, it is easy to look at the speck in the other person's eye than to find the plank in your own eyes.

I was going to write a really scathing entry today, because I was really annoyed with this mate of mine. I thought my ex-beau was a Scrooge, but this particular fella is the ultimate consummate Scrooge I have ever met. Basically a person who does not know how to, if ever, to even manage his own finances. Nor his studies for that matter.

I am still going to write it anyway, but to a lesser degree, Because I am really angry. However, I shall not reveal his name, in the order to protect his privacy.

I know that sometimes the words we use can hurt other people's feelings and emotions.
Which is what my friend has done.

He does not realise that the words he uses reflect poorly on him as a person (or as a friend) and that he hurts himself in the process by doing that and not reflecting on his own behaviour. He neither has apologized, nor does he seems bothered by the repercussions of his own words and behaviour.

I do believe that we reap what we sow. Whatever gifts that God has given us, we will be responsible for it. If we do not take care of the gifts and talents that has been given us, we shall be accountable for it, and it will be taken away.

I know that God has reminded us to forgive others just as He has forgiven us. To love one another and bear each other's burdens.

You are probably wondering why don't I tell this to him?

-Well, first and foremost, he is old enough to think for himself.

-Secondly, I am not responsible for his behaviour, as much as he is a mate of mine.

-Third, a lot of males do not take kindly to nagging females, and they will come up with remarks like "you're not my mother", which a lot of males I know have said to me. It would just exacerbate the situation. Anyhow, it would be better if the nagging came from another male mate of his.

Also, the best way to deal with this behaviour will be to ignore it, and only respond with a positive response if he "does the right thing". Positive Reinforcement, as what educators would call it.

-Fourth, I believe that if he continues with his silly complaints and grumblings, I am sure that God will deal with him as how He has dealt with the Israelites when they left the land of Egypt.

Let this be a reminder to the rest. I will do what I think is right.

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Ai Ling in Japan edi!


Ai Ling in Japan edi!

Hear ye, Hear ye people!!

My long last neighbour, Ai Ling, who hails from K.L, who has toured the world, starting with her long 3 year stint of study in America, and then headed over to Johore, has now headed and has landed safely in Tokyo, Japan.

Live Journal Blog:

Blog specially for Tokyo:

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A trick it is not,
An emotion it is.
Sadness overwhelming,
Core of my very soul.

Partings and meetings,
new and old.
One is silver,
The other is gold.

Pain in my heart,
Anger the other.
God, I wonder,
What meaning derived is this?

Peace I strive,
Tranquility I desire.
Help me God,
Just help me God.

Our Trip to Gold Coast.

Our Trip to Gold Coast.

At long last, the entry about my trip to Gold Coast!

Two weeks back, I hopped on the bus with some mates from the uni to the Gold Coast.
I had an awesome time, (as Matt would call it!).

Most of the students were in their first semester in Toowoomba. Justin, my house mate who was supposed to come, had to back out as he caught the 'bug'.

Day 1:
The bus was an hour late on its arrival. We were supposed to leave on Friday at 9am, but the bus ended up arriving at 10am. Halfway, the bus brokedown halfway due to a punctured tyre.
It stopped at DreamWorld, where another bus took us to Surfer's Paradise.

I was bunked up in a room with Andrea, Lee-Anne (or Annie, as I called her), and Jiaren.
We had lunch at Hungry Jack's at Surfer's Paradise. We arrived at Tallebudgera about at about 3.30pm.

The bus that was supposed to take us to the Lighthouse at the border of New South Wales did not get fixed till the very next day, so we had our dinner at the BBQ pit provided at Tallebudgera.

That evening, after refreshing ourselves after dinner, we headed over to Surfer's Paradise.It was a *chilly* night.

Gloria-Gloria Jeans!

We warmed ourselves with some coffee at Gloria Jean's.

I'd have thought it would be warmer than Toowoomba, but the windy coast did not allow such things to happen!

Stuck on rubber!

Andrea and I got stuck to the wall of an adult shop!

A funny thing happened at Gold Coast. The first night we took a bus down, the bus driver barely looked at our concession cards. So all of us ended up paying adult prices for the fare.
On our way back, it was the same bus driver, so I showed him my concession card, and he gave us a discounted fare. We were making up some *elaborate* speech in case the driver didn't want to, but he did.

Day 2:

Breakfast was at 7.30-8.30 am the next morning. I thought we were the last to arrive. It turned out that only less than a handful of us turned up for breakfast, including the driver of our uni bus. He overheard our conversation during breakfast, and decided to drop us at Harbour Town.

Harbour Town was ok this round. I didn't buy much stuff except for asian grocery.

On our way back, I showed my concession card to the bus driver (from Harbour Town to Pacific Fair).

Driver: What's the name of the uni?
Me: It's University of *S.Q.*
Driver: Show me your uni card.
Me: Well, alright.
Driver: Where is this? Never heard of it!
Me: It's in Toowoomba....

Jiaren who was right behind me just showed his uni card and got his concession.


*He started laughing*.

Jiaren: At least now one more bus driver has heard of USQ. Thanks to us.
Me: Yeah yeah. Rub it in, will ya? *raising one eye*.

We headed to Pacific Fair, which is one of the biggest malls (which has a normal indoor shopping mall) and outdoor shoplots.

Jiaren found this shop where he wanted to get this *crystal* ball which he could have his face lasered for AUD100.00. He couldn't get it done as it was 5 minutes to closing time and he sulked about it the whole time after that...


On our return home, we had actually decided not to go out after that. BUT, we found that the boy who came to the trip (he was from China, and could barely speak that much English) had been *abandoned* by the so called *friends* or people who had initially bunked with him.

So, the only logical thing we could do was to *adopt* him for the rest of the trip.


Initially, we took the same route *that Justin took me around on* on my first trip to Gold Coast. We may have ended up walking some more, but then decided to hitch a ride back to Surfer's Paradise.

We ended up seeing the same bus driver we had seen the night before! Heh. He seemed so happy to see us!


Chinese dinner at Surfers Paradise

For dinner, we had chinese food at this Chinese restaurant. It was located right beside this Korean restaurant. Anne ordered in mandarin. Apparently, the owner of the restaurant was Malaysian-born himself!

After dinner, we took a walk along Surfer's Paradise...This time, we went down this street which had "strip clubs" along it. We voted not to to go in, as

1) It costs money for the guys to go in.
2) Anne say's it full of crap, and not worth the money in.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

I bought a cappucino from McDonald's and we sat in front of the restaurant and watched the people walked around. Then we headed for a night stroll along the beach.


Hard Rock Cafe, Surfers Paradise @ Gold Coast.

Then we headed home. The driver was as usual, happy to see us! Hehe.

Day 3:
Our last day at Tallebudgera. We were among ten people who had woke up in time to have breakfast.

After breakfast, Jiaren and I had a nice stroll at the beach and played in the water.

Andrea had bought a nice new set of bikini from RipCurl.....but as the song goes..

"it was an itsy bitsy teeny winnie" orange blotchy dot bikini that she wore for the first time today"...

True to its name. We didn't get the opportunity to see any of her curves. YET.

Strong current at the beach on the morning that we left. Good if you want to body surf!

Later, after getting ourselves cleaned and back at the bus for our journey back, the bus took us around to see this laser lighthouse, which was located at the border of New South Wales.

My prior experience with Lighthouses was limited to the ones I have read in Enid Blyton's storybooks... it was a totally new experience to see one which was only made up of a huge structure with laser beams!


The brood from the uni at the lighthouse.

We stopped over for lunch at 12pm at BroadBeach (near Pacific Fair).

Did some shopping at the Sunday flea market. Bought some accessories.
After that, it was a nice quiet trip that ended with sleepy heads on the bus for the rest of the journey.
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Whisper in my ear.


Whisper in my ear.

Whisper in my ear,
The very words that I want to hear,
The words that I dreamt you will say,
The words that I am longing to hear.

Last night I dreamt of you,
Into my weary sleep you were there.
Yet, your face disappeared,
The moment I was awaken from my slumber.

I wish I could tell you my feelings,
I really wish I could.
But I would not.
I just could not.

I wish it were easier on me,
But I have sworn not to.
A dream I wish it were.
But a dream it is not so.

On the altar I have laid it,
Bear it no longer I want.
I wish it wasn't so hard,
Just not so hard.

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Exciting, constipating trivia!

Exciting, constipating trivia!

I just got this lappie mousie from Yong Kuang. Thanks for "donating it away". Ha ha.

I have been in a depression of late. Not really been mixing much with anyone this week anyway.
So I shall bore you guys with mindless, cynical, exciting and constipating trivia about yours truly.

Have fun reading!

* My favourite colour is light blue. I hate pink. Black is unfortunately still fashionable though.

* I enjoy listening to classical, broadway and easy listening music.

* Listens to gospel music when depressed.

* Listens to classical music when trying to study or read.

* I like listening to Charlotte Church's album, Enchantment.

* I wear a watch all the time. Eventhough I am almost always late for everything.

* Gets lethargic easily.

* The shows I have picked up watching since moving to Unit35 is Whose Line Is It, Myth Busters, and Yes Minister!

Am a tomboy. If you didn't know that until now, you must be living on the wrong planet.

* I have no qualms doing things alone. If you don't believe me, ask KKT who didn't believe I went to Sushi King alone for lunch, or my roomie, LYK, who didn't believe I had ice-cream at Baskin Robbins alone, and not shared it with anyone else. Hah!

* Will purposely start coughing if someone smokes in my presence.

* Will purposely start tapping the floor with my shoe/heels if the person in front of queue takes too long to get their business done, or if they cut my queue. (Take cue from Legally Blonde).

* Has no problems grossing people out. I don't care if you are watching.

* Was quoted by my friend to always be doing this:

- Rolls eyes if I don't like something, and says " Can I roll my eyes yet?".

* When I am annoyed with you, I shut my gab. You'll know eventually.

* I am extremely beautiful. Except in the case of the the bad dry weather in Toowoomba and a bad hair-cut, which keeps causing me to look like a constipated cow or a scarecrow.

* Will break into a song and dance out of a sudden in the middle of nowhere.
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The Others.

The Others.

Yes. is the title of this horror/thriller movie starring Nicole Kidman who lives in a house with her 2 children. The mother shuts every window with curtains and so the house is always dark where ever the children go.

Now, you are wondering...Hmmmm...

Windows which are constantly covered with curtains.

The walkways are always dark.

The rooms are always dimly lighted.

The practice of never opening a door before the last one is locked.

Children who scream at the sight of light.

A mother who is highly strung.

Seems like an exciting premise for a horror/thriller movie.

Well, I thought it rather lame a plot for a movie.

Where in the world in real life do children actually go around do that?

And yet, THE TRUTH is that there are!

In the movie, Kidman plays the character of the mother of two children who suffer from an acute "allergy to the sunlight".

So I went and searched online on Wikipedia. The search engine came up with
Xeroderma Pigmentosum, or X.P for short.

It has been defined as "
a rare genetic condition characterized by an eruption of exposed skin occurring in childhood and photosensitivity with severe sunburn; inherited as a recessive autosomal trait in which DNA repair processes are defective".

Now, you are probably wondering why am I being so "anal" about this whole thing by making an entry on it.

The reason is that, being in education, it is important that I know that such disorders actually exists. Although these children will never attend school during normal "day time" hours, however, it is important still that I have an awareness of it.

You also have to understand that such children will also highly be at a disadvantage because they have to constantly depend on others to do service for them as they can never leave the house in the daylight. It is almost as bad as being handicapped.

You have no access to the real world except through the Internet and the telephone.

You can't even go shopping.

You have to do mail shopping, or sew your own clothes.

You can't attend school like normal people at day time.

And at night when you are allowed to leave the house, everything else is closed.

Imagine yourself as a child suffering from X.P living in Toowoomba. I'd probably die.

At least in Gold Coast, the bus runs 24/7.

It is easy to dismiss a movie based on the initial premise that it is "theologically incorrect", as people will start with the premise that "oh, it is a catholic based", so the movie is ir-relevent.

However, unfortunately like so many movies, the movie is a mix of fact and fiction, which is why it may lead people to actually dismiss the entire premise of the movie.

Well, one thing I can say is that, if you read this particular entry, "you have been made enlightened" by my sheer reflection on it.

You can say to yourself, I learnt something new today after all!

*Now....I am really a genius after all!* *chuckles to self*
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A rock.


A rock.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of a boring, nondescript, slow paced full time student life, one would not expect anything exciting to happen.

That's exactly what I think so too.

Yet, sometimes if we strike hard enough, we could actually find something.

Gold? Maybe not.

Silver? Hardly.

The funniest thing is that we might kick up a rock in the midst of the rubble. One that could be a diamond in the rough.

Unrecognizable by its rough exterior features.

Hidden by its gruff interior interests.

You really need a pick-axe to pick its layers apart.

The chances of looking for one similar like this is that of a needle in the haystack.

Yet, when you do chance on it, you wonder if it really is what it is.

You wonder is it worth the time picking on it.

I am wondering.

I wonder if you are too.

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Loh Mai Kai.


Loh Mai Kai.

Yum Yum.

I really love it.

I have in my larder, one unopened pack of white glutinuous rice.

In the freezer, 2 kilos of fresh MaryLand chicken portions.

A friend of Justin, T.J, who is a fellow Malaysian, bunked over for a couple of days, whilst waiting on transition to Sydney.

So last night, I was looking at my cook-book, and said

"Hei, why not let's make Loh Mai Kai for lunch tomorrow?"

So, I went online to and copied down the recipe.

First thing in the recipe. It states:

250grams of glutinous rice. Soak for up to 3 hours.

Me: I don't have a measuring cup. How much is that?

TJ: About one cup.

Me: How do you know that?

TJ: I do lotsa cooking la!

Me: You sure ke?

TJ: Sure lar!

Me: Hmmm...*if you say so*.

Scans the next ingredient in the recipe...

Me: Mushrooms?

TJ: We can use the dried shittake mushrooms I have.

Me: Sounds like an idea. I don't fancy eating that with Australian mushrooms yet....

Scans the list again...

Me: Chicken. I have chicken. That'd be right.

So I soaked the glutinuous rice overnight and asked T.J to wake me up at 9.30 the next morning....

Which he *Conveniently Forgot...*.

I came down at about 10am plus...and started grumbling something incoherent to him..who was still lying on the couch.

So I started on the rice.

I boiled the glutinuous rice, and cooked like normal rice. In the rice cooker *DUH*.

Next came the chicken....

Me: Hmmmm....I think the chicken is too over-frozen.

TJ: That's what you have freezer bags for.

Me: That's why I put it in the fridge. I can't be bothered separating the chicken into separate freezer bags.

(Hmmmmmm. But on hindsight, that sounded like a good idea....)

So, I started to *slaughter* up the chicken.

Since it was MaryLand Chicken, I decided to just cut out the thigh part, and keep the drumstick portion of it for chicken curry on another day. Then marinated the chicken for about an hour.


To cut the story short....

Then we fried the mushrooms with garlic. Greased a ceramic "dog bowl" and laid out the mushrooms out on the plate.

After the rice was boiled, I stirfried it with black soya sauce, pepper, cornflour and a host of other seasonings.

We put the chicken on top of the mushrooms, and then finally, the rice on top.

TJ: I think we have too much chicken, and too little rice.
Me: Well, you said "one cup" what!

We found a stainless steel pot to put the ceramic "dog bowl" (as TJ calls it) in. The first time we tried cooking it, the water levels were too high. That's the problem when you don't have a steamer stand!

So we tried removing the water. I think we almost drowned the rice.

*FORTUNATELY*, we managed to remove the rice dish and remove more water.

However, the water levels were still too high.

Me: I know. We can use the straw!

(I found this for pearl-tea-sized straw and started trying to draw the water out).

Me: Hmmmm...bad idea.

TJ: That's coz the opening of the straw is too big for your fingers.

Me: Seems like it.

(Then we found some Subway individually wrapped in paper straws).

TJ managed to remove the water. by sucking it out using his own mouth.

*sounds like fun, huh?*

*I think he almost burned his tongue!*

Finally, the water was just the right level.

Actually, I kind of forgot that the water would evaporate away, until I checked on it later, and realised that it needed refilling...

40 minutes later......

TJ: Looks rather oily.

Me: Well. I don't care. I am hungry.

Even later...

TJ: might look oily, but it sure is *yummy*!!

Me: Heh.

It was a Success!!!

That I decided to cook it again for dinner.

TJ: You seow ja-poh ah???

Me: Hei. I am still hungry la!

This time I used 2.5 cups of rice. Less chicken. And 6 pieces of dried shittake mushrooms...

It still was oily, but drier!

Oh well...

Sorry guys, no pictures....*Maybe next time*. Was too busy eating to remember taking pictures.


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