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Well, not again, eh?

Females are bitchy people, aren't they?
If you live in a unit full of females,
their bitchy side comes up full fletched.

Well, I did. So, what can I say?

Whereas if you live in a unit full of males...


Males are *messy*. That's all I can say.

I am becoming like one of them.....

*which is not a good thing*.

I need to retain my *neat* side.

Which was probably *non-existent* to begin with...

Ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, I just found out one of my roomie's best kept secret.

And to think, I *thought* I was the only one who did it. Heh.

What is it you may ask?


Like I am going to tell you who, or what it is la??


Well, I am digressing from my main entry.

So anyway,

Isn't it strange that God *sometimes* brings you into situations that you know will not last if you enter into it?

You make an analysis of the situation, and you know that due to the circumstances that entails it, it is a very *unwise* decision to make.

Because you know the end result.

Or sort of, kind of know the end result.

I say "kind of" because you have been through a similar situation before, and there really is no point to go through it again?

Is that my final word?

Actually no. Unfortunately I tend to change my mind about "situations" half the time.

The question is, is this "whole thing" just a figment of imagination, or did it actually happen to me?

Well, we will know soon enough.

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