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The time is now.

Ok, people. I know I haven't been writing for a while...

I know. I know. Just been. well. occupied. You know?

With what?

Well, with this.

And that.

And this.

Well. What can I say?

I AM a *BUSY* Gal.

Anyway, the second semester just started.

I have about 2 courses left to complete before my entire degree programme ends.

WELL, before any of you guys start screaming "hooray, and allright, CY's coming back..."

well, I've some news for you.

I am thinking of extending my course. to the 4th year of my programme.

For one more year.


Just something I wanted to do. I've been thinking about this for a while. Since I arrived to be precise. I just was not sure of it then.

The thing is, I have been stuck in Malaysia for a long while.

It's too soon since I left for me to come back. It takes about half a year for me to adapt to the weather and cultural difference here.

Now, I have another semester before I will *technically* complete my semester.

I just want to do something different with my life. I know a lot of people I know say, "why is it that those people who go overseas, will surely say something like I feel like staying longer, or I want to migrate?"

Truth is, if I had come earlier, I'd probably not have thought about it.

I've always wanted to travel. I just never did get the chance. And now that I have, I really don't want to go back to my same old life. My parents are always telling me that i'd still have time to travel when I get married and older, but the fact is, once I get married, I don't think I will have that interest to do that anymore, coz my focus will be on my family then. and most likely my husband.

So there, I am putting in an application to stay another year. My parents said that they will support my decision, so I am good with that.

I do miss my friends and the dog from time to time. But each of us have to walk and strike out our own path in life. As much as I miss my friends, I have to be responsible for my own life.

I'd say that time is now.

What have I done of late, since my last post?

Yesterday, I went down with Andrea to go and get the tickets for Die Fledermaus at the Empire Theatre next Thursday.
It's a German opera by Johann Strauss, which was playing in Brisbane, but they're having one show in Toowoomba. So, that'll be great! It's also much more expensive in Brisbane as well!
The words were originally in German, but they have since translated it to English.

The uni will be making a trip to Gold Coast next week as well. We're also going there. For me, it'll be great, as I've been rotting at home the entire holidays!

There'll also be a trip to Brisbane, for an International Careers Fair, and the uni is providing us a FREE bus to go down there, on the 24th. Can't wait!

There'll also be another trip to Seaworld, on the 26th-27th August. It's an overnight trip. Yup. Haven't been to SeaWorld to bring our sleeping bags for that *I think..*

Not too sure about that.

Anyway, if you were wondering, I scored 3Bs and 1A for Semester 1, 2006. It's not easy to fail, but it's just hard-er to score. Scoring a good grade is just ..*difficult*. At least it's way better than a C!!

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