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Danny Foo


I really do not appreciate graffiti. However, unfortunately, in the case of the 18? video that is shown in Swifty's webbie, these were lengths that a lot of Malaysians chose to take.
The result of repression of the freedom to express our vides which is heavily censored in the Malaysian media has led us to what Malaysia is today.

The video, 18? by Danny Lim, a local Malaysian film maker, had his video banned by the Malaysian embassy in Seoul, Korea.

This was, "because it features an 'anti-government political activist' - former ISA detainee Hishamuddin Rais. The embassy later denied this and said that they don't really have the power to veto the film and all they did was recommend some other films".

I really think that the embassy has GONE TOO FAR this time!

After coming to Australia, and watching shows like "Yes Minister", and observing the way that the citizens can freely speak their minds here in local talk shows, it really opened my eyes to our own local political system. It is surely that there will never truely be transparency in any political system, but the government has to draw a line at how much they can control the people..

(i cant really write much now...too busy with my pract at the moment).


Elaine said...

I can't participate in this tag as I don't know wtf it's about...

cheayee said...

Hei Elaine..

*no need to swear le*

Isn't it all self explanatory??

It's about the Malaysian embassy in Korea who decided to give this Malaysian film maker's video a miss, because the video happens to feature an individual who happens to be in an "opposition" party.

Basically, it's kind of a violation of "freedom" and *the people's right * to express their views, and if you watch the video, you would understand it better.

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