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Superman Returns...

6th July:

Intro to Superman II

That is the link to the intro to Superman II movie. If you were wondering, the happenings in the first 2 movies are related to the current movie in the theatres now.

1) How the private abode of Superman was created in the Artic.(Superman 1)
2) How Lois Lane found out about Superman's identity (in Superman 2)
3) How Lois Lane & Clark Kent did get married in S2.
4) How Lex Luthor managed to visit Superman's private abode in S2.
5) What happened at the end of S2....

It kind of gives the story away....but heck!

5th July: Oh!!!! I loved it!

My housemates, and all the guys (and many girls) I knew didn't like it. But I did!

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it!

I watched Superman as a kid, a teenager, and I still love it as an adult. I hear that they are making a sequel to Superman Returns, but it won't be ready till 2009?

In this series, Superman has come back after 5 years in absence. He comes back to a Lois Lane who has a son, and who is engaged to the editor's nephew.

The actor Kate Bosworth is 25, and Brandon Routh,27. Surprisingly, they look pretty mature for their age, don't they? Look out for the small boy who plays Lois Lane's 5 year-old son.

Anyway, Superman Returns is based loosely, and cuts out straight from Superman 2 (which would be the logical path where this movie is going anyway).

I suggest you guys watch Superman 1 and Superman 2 before watching this...any of the sequels in the Christopher Reeve series sucks after Superman 2 anyway.....if you don't, you may have a hard time following the story in Superman Returns.

My mates will be watching The Pirates of the Caribbean 2 some time soon... (which I would not mind joining), but Superman is ONE movie I will watch regardless of what people say. I got a voucher for it, so I got to watch it for 5 AUD. I wouldn't mind watching it again!


The Great Swifty said...

Brandon's 23, actually.

The Great Swifty said...

Oh, wait, I was wrong. He's 27. Kate's 23. Got confused.

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