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Spring is nigh.

Two weeks ago, it was almost freezing cold when I walked out to wait at the bus stand early in the mornings.

But, it seems that winter is drawing to an end.

I can feel the weather getting warmer as the days pass.

I don't put on my jumper as much these days when I go out.

I don't even put on my house socks.

The days are warm, and hotter than usual.

The nights are cold. But less than usual.

You can just feel the difference.

Last night, the McGregor College had their "Christmas in July".

The people who came to our unit had our own "Christmas in July".

I cooked for 5 people.

Omelette with mushroom, carrots & bean sprouts.

Soya Sauce Chicken with mushroom. (fatty, I reckon!)

Hot Cross Baked Potatoes in jackets.

Steaming hot rice.

*Salivating yet?*

He he.

Actually, I thought it was not enough, but it seems that it was just right!


Tonight, I watched Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth, an sexy pin-up bombshell from the war years of the 1930s.

It was.....well, *pretty good*.

Her beauty actually stands out better in black and white movies, as in contrast to in TechniColour.

The TechniColour film looks too glaring for her, I reckon.

I reckon that, regardless of whether it is black & white, or in TechniColour, if a person has not "got it", they just do not "have it"!!

I was negotiating with YK to watch black & white movie, "Gilda" (1946). I'd watch "Creep Show 2" in return.

We'd watch Gilda at night. and Creep Show 2 in the morning....

I reckon he's "eating his words" now, coz he seemed to have a liking for the movie! Ha!

The movie is like one of those gang-lord movies, with a female pin-up that "kind of" drives the direction of the movie. A bit hard to describe as these style of movies are rarely shown these days. A lot of them have crappy story lines and terrible acting instead.

The pace was pretty slow, but it had enough witty & rather "subtle" sarcasm lines to keep me watching. It had adequate "showmanship" to keep me watching....
But, if there's one thing I can say, she didn't have to "strip at all" to show her sensuality.

As for "Creep Show 2" (1987) , it is movie made out of 3 short "horror" stories.
A bit like the "Twilight Zone", but maybe less macabre? You can get a bit of the "Amazing Stories (Steven Spielberg)" series touch there.

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