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The holidays..*boring*

Yes. I was complaining about the holidays. There are here...and I have absolutely no idea how to spend it, apart from reading my books (in time for the practicals), as well as, looking for a job. Which I absolutely have no intention of doing YET till the semester starts.

My practicals start on the 17-21st of July, and I have a practical interview with the lecturer on the 25th with my practical partner, Belle.

Ai Ling had this post about Adult Learners. I am not sure what it means though. LOL.
She is leaving her job at the bank, and going to work at Japan. That sounds like a great idea to travel and live in a place that you have been dreaming of going for ages.

Ever since I arrived in Toowoomba, I have acclimatized to the weather here. It is not as cold as UK (since it doesn't snow), but it is among the coldest I have experienced. Brisbane is not even this cold for that matter. Perhaps, I could go to colder places after this.
Adrian says that Sydney is much colder

(I am not sure how cold he means...perhaps he should head up to Toowoomba to see how cold this place is, before making a comparison to Sydney anyway!)

Actually, I was thinking of heading down Sydney and Melbourne for the hols, but it seems that that is not possible this time round. (I could still make it, since I have friends living there) but whether I can do that is a different matter altogether. Tony & Justin (being Aussies themselves) are against the idea of travelling alone to places like Melbourne or Sydney, as they say its pretty "dangerous". Dunno about though...

Anyway, I bought a bottle of whisky (Red Label) and Coca-cola mixer....I thnk I kinda caught that from Adrian... my cousin was never been a teetotaller back in KL, and everyone in his home (here) seems to drink. Since I have been here for 3 months, there is a vast difference in the way I look at things during my first time I visited them, and the recent visit last week.

There is a visit by the university group up to Gold Coast this Sunday. Maybe I will try for that if it gets too dull around here...LOL.

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