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First day of my practical ECP1001

Ok, it's almost the start of the semester... and today is the first day of my practicals. What can I say?

Well, I only got 3 hours of sleep as I couldn't get to sleep any earlier.

The first was.....well. What shall I say?


I shall not go into details here, but it was sure as heck tiring. A solid 8 hour shift.

Now, if I were paid to do that kind of job for 8 hours that would definitely be worth it.

The night before I had prepared today's lunch: Fried pork luncheon meat ala chinois with fried carrot omellette.

I got up at almost 5.50am. Cooked some breakfast to eat.

Left the house by 6.40am. The bus was due at 6.45am!

Oh no, I hope I was not late!
The air was 9 degrees this morning. It was so cold that you could see your own breathe.

The bus arrived in town about 7.10am.

The child care centre, took about 20 minutes of walking from the Bus Interchange.

Well, how was the centre run like?

It reminded me of the time I was working at MKIS. My group leader was an Australian lady, but it was an
international american school. However, now that I see it for myself, the routines looked pretty standard...

Anyway, I got off at 4.30 and walked off to the supermarket at Grand Central...

Let's just say that I was so tired that by the time I reached the supermarket, I had totally forgotten what I wanted to get.

By the time I remembered what I needed (without even having the luxury of time to browse around!), it was already 5.20!

The last bus was at 5.45pm. If I miss that bus, I'd have to take the taxi!

Well, fortunately I managed to catch the last bus anyhow!

Today, there were quite a number of new international students. It seems that the Orientation was running on today and some of these students had travelled to town in the bus provided by the university.

I met Deborah on the bus on the way back. She was just getting off work..

I got home about 6.20pm.

Well, I had not paid my rent, so I called Kay to inform her about my predicament...

Then the next thing I did was hit the couch in the sitting hall and slept until heaven came down.

Well not exactly.

Tony kept asking me if I was going to wake up and I just gave him some incoherent grunt.

He brought my blankets and bed down. Awwww...isn't that sweet??

Anyway...well, surprisingly I woke up in the dark an hour later... about 10:30pm (nevermind my quirks...) ..Then I took my shower.

Well, I have to go prepare some tucker for tomorrow...and finish some paperwork for my folder.

Which reminds me, I need to get some things from Crazy Clarks!

Anyway, cccording to Tony, in regard to the score I have got, these are the results for my courses:
Emerging Numeracy: B
Current Issues and Trends: B
Exploring Science & Technology: B.
The Early Childhood Professional: Still pending.....
Practical: not done yet...
I would like to get an A or HD, but.....I think, let's just work with what I have for now....(unless I can push my grades up, that'd be excellent).

Catch up with you guys later!

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