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Been sleeping mostly. Sick mar..

Hei you peeps,

Just to update you guys. I've been sick. Well, down with a sore throat. Almost a flu.

Been sleeping most of yesterday anyway. Nonetheless, I managed to catch Pirates of the Caribbean...(and sleep through some of it still.)

I must repeat...."There really is nothing much to do during holidays"..unless...

1) You sleep: Been doing loads of that.

2) Find a job: Maybe in Semester 2..

3) Go on a vacation/ holiday somewhere: Go where?

4) Watch some plays at the Empire Theatre/ USQ Performance Centre : Seems that a lot of them (people in general) don't like these art-see fart-see stuff.

5) Go fishing, as Mick suggests....but thanks....I do get a bit seasick. It's also.....$$ to charter a fishing boat you know??

Anyway, fancy this....I found a link on Anwar in Brisbane now... Can you match this?? PROFESSOR Dr.Seri ANWAR Ibrahim!

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