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Back to Toowoomba

Just came back from Brisbane for the weekend. Went down for the weekend to stay at Adrian's place. It was great catching up with my couz and his friends (Mick and Eric, respectively).


Arrived at the Toowoomba Interchange slightly before 11am. However, the GreyHound bus was booked out, so I had to settle for a 2pm bus. It was cheaper. I went for lunch at this Fish & Chips shop, and on the way back, I found this new bus company, which had tickets retailing for AUD15. Very much cheaper!

*I swore silently*

on knowing that, coz apparently they had a bus that runs at 11am from Toowoomba! Oh well...

Reached Brisbane at nearly 4pm. Mick picked me up from the Roma St. bus station.

Strange bedfellows we have on buses. I had this 40 year old man sitting beside me (who I could figure he was a "special" individual) as he kept telling me about his mother, and even showed me that he had 15 dollars in his wallet. He told me he was going to visit his mother in Brisbane, and he would be making tea for her. Just to be sure, I asked if he could drink beer, but he told me couldn't, as he would have fits. One doesn't need to think far to know that he is special.....

Nonetheless, I hope I have kids who won't turn out like that..coz I find that it would be quite sad...(nevermind, let's not go into that topic).

Anyway, later that evening, I went out for dinner with the guys at this "Singapura" restaurant in Indooropilly. The asian dishes...are fairly ok ler. Not extremely mouth watering though. But it was great to see asian dishes that neither I or LYK have to cook for once.

Woke up late at noon. The guys were watching FIFA on Saturday morning, so we woke up pretty late. Adrian dropped me off at the Indooropilly shopping mall (sorry short-term-memory...can't remember the name of the mall). He and Mick were off to play tennis at the uni campus (free for staff apparently!)

Spent almost 2 hours walking around like a lost puppy. Ok. One thing I can say...the clothes sold in retail here aren't very good....I hate to say it, but the clothes I bring from KL, is much much more nicer in quality. and cheaper as well!

I didn't get anything except for a cookbook magazine and an arts & craft book.

Adrian had to go for an engagement dinner, so it was up to me and Mick left to ourselves for dinner. Eric had gone back to Sunnybanks to have dinner with his family.

We went to Sizzlers for dinner. Yummy. Had a hard time pronouncing "Fisherman's Platter" to the lady at the checkout counter!

It was funny, coz I got high eating Pavlova (an egg white confectionery full of sugar). This is not even an alcohol based drink. Then we drove around Brett's Wharf and stopped by the river to have a look at the water levels. Real happening.


Woke up at 12pm. Then we headed down to SunnyBanks for "yum cha" (an Australian slang = eating dim sum). It was good fun. Well, apparently the guys found the place over-rated, and preferred the one at King of Kings in ChinaTown, which although smaller, the food tasted better.

Headed down to Coco's (a mini grocery plaza) in Sunnybank and bought lots of grocery. I wanted to watch Superman Returns, but the guys weren't interested. *lol* Guess that Brandon Routh doesn't appeal to guys! (LOL)

Then we headed home after our rendevous. Eric cooked dinner that night, and we had "antipasto" capsicum and black bean beef (with fat parts). Whatever that dish was called and some chicken dish, with rice.

After dinner, Adrian and I headed down to Queen's St, and checked out the Casino there.. It's a pretty small place and nothing much to see. I wanted to get a membership card there, but apparently I couldn't, coz I didn't have the proper identification documents. Oh well.

Monday: Woke up about 9.15am. Adrian dropped me off at the Roma St. bus station to make sure I got a ticket in time to get back to Toowoomba. Well, I tried the new bus service offered (AUD15 only!). When our bus came, there were only 6 people on it! Amazingly few. LOL!

So there, safe & sound back in Toowoomba.

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