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Aglio e Olio.

If u are wondering what that is, it is the name of spaghetti....


It's the Italian name for spaghetti with olive oil and garlic. This is an old pix of the dish, which our Italian friend, Dr.Massimo made when we went over to his office last year. Heh.

I've been real annoyed coz when I cooked it, everyone's been complaining about that it's "too bland".

Yong Kuang added tuna with lemon. Justin added parmesan cheese on top of it! Oiii !!!

Well, for the last time, and as another friend who has seen his chef (my classmate, Ryan, who was working as an assistant in an Italian kitchen) says, it is supposed to be bland!!!

So THERE. Stop complaining that it is bland!! That is the correct ITALIAN way to make it!!

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