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Spring is nigh.


Spring is nigh.

Two weeks ago, it was almost freezing cold when I walked out to wait at the bus stand early in the mornings.

But, it seems that winter is drawing to an end.

I can feel the weather getting warmer as the days pass.

I don't put on my jumper as much these days when I go out.

I don't even put on my house socks.

The days are warm, and hotter than usual.

The nights are cold. But less than usual.

You can just feel the difference.

Last night, the McGregor College had their "Christmas in July".

The people who came to our unit had our own "Christmas in July".

I cooked for 5 people.

Omelette with mushroom, carrots & bean sprouts.

Soya Sauce Chicken with mushroom. (fatty, I reckon!)

Hot Cross Baked Potatoes in jackets.

Steaming hot rice.

*Salivating yet?*

He he.

Actually, I thought it was not enough, but it seems that it was just right!


Tonight, I watched Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth, an sexy pin-up bombshell from the war years of the 1930s.

It was.....well, *pretty good*.

Her beauty actually stands out better in black and white movies, as in contrast to in TechniColour.

The TechniColour film looks too glaring for her, I reckon.

I reckon that, regardless of whether it is black & white, or in TechniColour, if a person has not "got it", they just do not "have it"!!

I was negotiating with YK to watch black & white movie, "Gilda" (1946). I'd watch "Creep Show 2" in return.

We'd watch Gilda at night. and Creep Show 2 in the morning....

I reckon he's "eating his words" now, coz he seemed to have a liking for the movie! Ha!

The movie is like one of those gang-lord movies, with a female pin-up that "kind of" drives the direction of the movie. A bit hard to describe as these style of movies are rarely shown these days. A lot of them have crappy story lines and terrible acting instead.

The pace was pretty slow, but it had enough witty & rather "subtle" sarcasm lines to keep me watching. It had adequate "showmanship" to keep me watching....
But, if there's one thing I can say, she didn't have to "strip at all" to show her sensuality.

As for "Creep Show 2" (1987) , it is movie made out of 3 short "horror" stories.
A bit like the "Twilight Zone", but maybe less macabre? You can get a bit of the "Amazing Stories (Steven Spielberg)" series touch there.
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Well, not again, eh?


Well, not again, eh?

Females are bitchy people, aren't they?
If you live in a unit full of females,
their bitchy side comes up full fletched.

Well, I did. So, what can I say?

Whereas if you live in a unit full of males...


Males are *messy*. That's all I can say.

I am becoming like one of them.....

*which is not a good thing*.

I need to retain my *neat* side.

Which was probably *non-existent* to begin with...

Ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, I just found out one of my roomie's best kept secret.

And to think, I *thought* I was the only one who did it. Heh.

What is it you may ask?


Like I am going to tell you who, or what it is la??


Well, I am digressing from my main entry.

So anyway,

Isn't it strange that God *sometimes* brings you into situations that you know will not last if you enter into it?

You make an analysis of the situation, and you know that due to the circumstances that entails it, it is a very *unwise* decision to make.

Because you know the end result.

Or sort of, kind of know the end result.

I say "kind of" because you have been through a similar situation before, and there really is no point to go through it again?

Is that my final word?

Actually no. Unfortunately I tend to change my mind about "situations" half the time.

The question is, is this "whole thing" just a figment of imagination, or did it actually happen to me?

Well, we will know soon enough.
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Aglio e Olio.


Aglio e Olio.

If u are wondering what that is, it is the name of spaghetti....


It's the Italian name for spaghetti with olive oil and garlic. This is an old pix of the dish, which our Italian friend, Dr.Massimo made when we went over to his office last year. Heh.

I've been real annoyed coz when I cooked it, everyone's been complaining about that it's "too bland".

Yong Kuang added tuna with lemon. Justin added parmesan cheese on top of it! Oiii !!!

Well, for the last time, and as another friend who has seen his chef (my classmate, Ryan, who was working as an assistant in an Italian kitchen) says, it is supposed to be bland!!!

So THERE. Stop complaining that it is bland!! That is the correct ITALIAN way to make it!!
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The time is now.

The time is now.

Ok, people. I know I haven't been writing for a while...

I know. I know. Just been. well. occupied. You know?

With what?

Well, with this.

And that.

And this.

Well. What can I say?

I AM a *BUSY* Gal.

Anyway, the second semester just started.

I have about 2 courses left to complete before my entire degree programme ends.

WELL, before any of you guys start screaming "hooray, and allright, CY's coming back..."

well, I've some news for you.

I am thinking of extending my course. to the 4th year of my programme.

For one more year.


Just something I wanted to do. I've been thinking about this for a while. Since I arrived to be precise. I just was not sure of it then.

The thing is, I have been stuck in Malaysia for a long while.

It's too soon since I left for me to come back. It takes about half a year for me to adapt to the weather and cultural difference here.

Now, I have another semester before I will *technically* complete my semester.

I just want to do something different with my life. I know a lot of people I know say, "why is it that those people who go overseas, will surely say something like I feel like staying longer, or I want to migrate?"

Truth is, if I had come earlier, I'd probably not have thought about it.

I've always wanted to travel. I just never did get the chance. And now that I have, I really don't want to go back to my same old life. My parents are always telling me that i'd still have time to travel when I get married and older, but the fact is, once I get married, I don't think I will have that interest to do that anymore, coz my focus will be on my family then. and most likely my husband.

So there, I am putting in an application to stay another year. My parents said that they will support my decision, so I am good with that.

I do miss my friends and the dog from time to time. But each of us have to walk and strike out our own path in life. As much as I miss my friends, I have to be responsible for my own life.

I'd say that time is now.

What have I done of late, since my last post?

Yesterday, I went down with Andrea to go and get the tickets for Die Fledermaus at the Empire Theatre next Thursday.
It's a German opera by Johann Strauss, which was playing in Brisbane, but they're having one show in Toowoomba. So, that'll be great! It's also much more expensive in Brisbane as well!
The words were originally in German, but they have since translated it to English.

The uni will be making a trip to Gold Coast next week as well. We're also going there. For me, it'll be great, as I've been rotting at home the entire holidays!

There'll also be a trip to Brisbane, for an International Careers Fair, and the uni is providing us a FREE bus to go down there, on the 24th. Can't wait!

There'll also be another trip to Seaworld, on the 26th-27th August. It's an overnight trip. Yup. Haven't been to SeaWorld to bring our sleeping bags for that *I think..*

Not too sure about that.

Anyway, if you were wondering, I scored 3Bs and 1A for Semester 1, 2006. It's not easy to fail, but it's just hard-er to score. Scoring a good grade is just ..*difficult*. At least it's way better than a C!!
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Tagged by Swifty!


Tagged by Swifty!

Ok, I got tagged by Swifty....

So tagging 3 others in return. Please return the favour by tagging 3 others!


Danny Foo


I really do not appreciate graffiti. However, unfortunately, in the case of the 18? video that is shown in Swifty's webbie, these were lengths that a lot of Malaysians chose to take.
The result of repression of the freedom to express our vides which is heavily censored in the Malaysian media has led us to what Malaysia is today.

The video, 18? by Danny Lim, a local Malaysian film maker, had his video banned by the Malaysian embassy in Seoul, Korea.

This was, "because it features an 'anti-government political activist' - former ISA detainee Hishamuddin Rais. The embassy later denied this and said that they don't really have the power to veto the film and all they did was recommend some other films".

I really think that the embassy has GONE TOO FAR this time!

After coming to Australia, and watching shows like "Yes Minister", and observing the way that the citizens can freely speak their minds here in local talk shows, it really opened my eyes to our own local political system. It is surely that there will never truely be transparency in any political system, but the government has to draw a line at how much they can control the people..

(i cant really write much now...too busy with my pract at the moment).
First day of my practical ECP1001


First day of my practical ECP1001

Ok, it's almost the start of the semester... and today is the first day of my practicals. What can I say?

Well, I only got 3 hours of sleep as I couldn't get to sleep any earlier.

The first was.....well. What shall I say?


I shall not go into details here, but it was sure as heck tiring. A solid 8 hour shift.

Now, if I were paid to do that kind of job for 8 hours that would definitely be worth it.

The night before I had prepared today's lunch: Fried pork luncheon meat ala chinois with fried carrot omellette.

I got up at almost 5.50am. Cooked some breakfast to eat.

Left the house by 6.40am. The bus was due at 6.45am!

Oh no, I hope I was not late!
The air was 9 degrees this morning. It was so cold that you could see your own breathe.

The bus arrived in town about 7.10am.

The child care centre, took about 20 minutes of walking from the Bus Interchange.

Well, how was the centre run like?

It reminded me of the time I was working at MKIS. My group leader was an Australian lady, but it was an
international american school. However, now that I see it for myself, the routines looked pretty standard...

Anyway, I got off at 4.30 and walked off to the supermarket at Grand Central...

Let's just say that I was so tired that by the time I reached the supermarket, I had totally forgotten what I wanted to get.

By the time I remembered what I needed (without even having the luxury of time to browse around!), it was already 5.20!

The last bus was at 5.45pm. If I miss that bus, I'd have to take the taxi!

Well, fortunately I managed to catch the last bus anyhow!

Today, there were quite a number of new international students. It seems that the Orientation was running on today and some of these students had travelled to town in the bus provided by the university.

I met Deborah on the bus on the way back. She was just getting off work..

I got home about 6.20pm.

Well, I had not paid my rent, so I called Kay to inform her about my predicament...

Then the next thing I did was hit the couch in the sitting hall and slept until heaven came down.

Well not exactly.

Tony kept asking me if I was going to wake up and I just gave him some incoherent grunt.

He brought my blankets and bed down. Awwww...isn't that sweet??

Anyway...well, surprisingly I woke up in the dark an hour later... about 10:30pm (nevermind my quirks...) ..Then I took my shower.

Well, I have to go prepare some tucker for tomorrow...and finish some paperwork for my folder.

Which reminds me, I need to get some things from Crazy Clarks!

Anyway, cccording to Tony, in regard to the score I have got, these are the results for my courses:
Emerging Numeracy: B
Current Issues and Trends: B
Exploring Science & Technology: B.
The Early Childhood Professional: Still pending.....
Practical: not done yet...
I would like to get an A or HD, but.....I think, let's just work with what I have for now....(unless I can push my grades up, that'd be excellent).

Catch up with you guys later!
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Been sleeping mostly. Sick mar..


Been sleeping mostly. Sick mar..

Hei you peeps,

Just to update you guys. I've been sick. Well, down with a sore throat. Almost a flu.

Been sleeping most of yesterday anyway. Nonetheless, I managed to catch Pirates of the Caribbean...(and sleep through some of it still.)

I must repeat...."There really is nothing much to do during holidays"..unless...

1) You sleep: Been doing loads of that.

2) Find a job: Maybe in Semester 2..

3) Go on a vacation/ holiday somewhere: Go where?

4) Watch some plays at the Empire Theatre/ USQ Performance Centre : Seems that a lot of them (people in general) don't like these art-see fart-see stuff.

5) Go fishing, as Mick suggests....but thanks....I do get a bit seasick. It's also.....$$ to charter a fishing boat you know??

Anyway, fancy this....I found a link on Anwar in Brisbane now... Can you match this?? PROFESSOR Dr.Seri ANWAR Ibrahim!
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Superman Returns...


Superman Returns...

6th July:

Intro to Superman II

That is the link to the intro to Superman II movie. If you were wondering, the happenings in the first 2 movies are related to the current movie in the theatres now.

1) How the private abode of Superman was created in the Artic.(Superman 1)
2) How Lois Lane found out about Superman's identity (in Superman 2)
3) How Lois Lane & Clark Kent did get married in S2.
4) How Lex Luthor managed to visit Superman's private abode in S2.
5) What happened at the end of S2....

It kind of gives the story away....but heck!

5th July: Oh!!!! I loved it!

My housemates, and all the guys (and many girls) I knew didn't like it. But I did!

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it!

I watched Superman as a kid, a teenager, and I still love it as an adult. I hear that they are making a sequel to Superman Returns, but it won't be ready till 2009?

In this series, Superman has come back after 5 years in absence. He comes back to a Lois Lane who has a son, and who is engaged to the editor's nephew.

The actor Kate Bosworth is 25, and Brandon Routh,27. Surprisingly, they look pretty mature for their age, don't they? Look out for the small boy who plays Lois Lane's 5 year-old son.

Anyway, Superman Returns is based loosely, and cuts out straight from Superman 2 (which would be the logical path where this movie is going anyway).

I suggest you guys watch Superman 1 and Superman 2 before watching this...any of the sequels in the Christopher Reeve series sucks after Superman 2 anyway.....if you don't, you may have a hard time following the story in Superman Returns.

My mates will be watching The Pirates of the Caribbean 2 some time soon... (which I would not mind joining), but Superman is ONE movie I will watch regardless of what people say. I got a voucher for it, so I got to watch it for 5 AUD. I wouldn't mind watching it again!
The holidays..*boring*


The holidays..*boring*

Yes. I was complaining about the holidays. There are here...and I have absolutely no idea how to spend it, apart from reading my books (in time for the practicals), as well as, looking for a job. Which I absolutely have no intention of doing YET till the semester starts.

My practicals start on the 17-21st of July, and I have a practical interview with the lecturer on the 25th with my practical partner, Belle.

Ai Ling had this post about Adult Learners. I am not sure what it means though. LOL.
She is leaving her job at the bank, and going to work at Japan. That sounds like a great idea to travel and live in a place that you have been dreaming of going for ages.

Ever since I arrived in Toowoomba, I have acclimatized to the weather here. It is not as cold as UK (since it doesn't snow), but it is among the coldest I have experienced. Brisbane is not even this cold for that matter. Perhaps, I could go to colder places after this.
Adrian says that Sydney is much colder

(I am not sure how cold he means...perhaps he should head up to Toowoomba to see how cold this place is, before making a comparison to Sydney anyway!)

Actually, I was thinking of heading down Sydney and Melbourne for the hols, but it seems that that is not possible this time round. (I could still make it, since I have friends living there) but whether I can do that is a different matter altogether. Tony & Justin (being Aussies themselves) are against the idea of travelling alone to places like Melbourne or Sydney, as they say its pretty "dangerous". Dunno about though...

Anyway, I bought a bottle of whisky (Red Label) and Coca-cola mixer....I thnk I kinda caught that from Adrian... my cousin was never been a teetotaller back in KL, and everyone in his home (here) seems to drink. Since I have been here for 3 months, there is a vast difference in the way I look at things during my first time I visited them, and the recent visit last week.

There is a visit by the university group up to Gold Coast this Sunday. Maybe I will try for that if it gets too dull around here...LOL.
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Back to Toowoomba

Back to Toowoomba

Just came back from Brisbane for the weekend. Went down for the weekend to stay at Adrian's place. It was great catching up with my couz and his friends (Mick and Eric, respectively).


Arrived at the Toowoomba Interchange slightly before 11am. However, the GreyHound bus was booked out, so I had to settle for a 2pm bus. It was cheaper. I went for lunch at this Fish & Chips shop, and on the way back, I found this new bus company, which had tickets retailing for AUD15. Very much cheaper!

*I swore silently*

on knowing that, coz apparently they had a bus that runs at 11am from Toowoomba! Oh well...

Reached Brisbane at nearly 4pm. Mick picked me up from the Roma St. bus station.

Strange bedfellows we have on buses. I had this 40 year old man sitting beside me (who I could figure he was a "special" individual) as he kept telling me about his mother, and even showed me that he had 15 dollars in his wallet. He told me he was going to visit his mother in Brisbane, and he would be making tea for her. Just to be sure, I asked if he could drink beer, but he told me couldn't, as he would have fits. One doesn't need to think far to know that he is special.....

Nonetheless, I hope I have kids who won't turn out like that..coz I find that it would be quite sad...(nevermind, let's not go into that topic).

Anyway, later that evening, I went out for dinner with the guys at this "Singapura" restaurant in Indooropilly. The asian dishes...are fairly ok ler. Not extremely mouth watering though. But it was great to see asian dishes that neither I or LYK have to cook for once.

Woke up late at noon. The guys were watching FIFA on Saturday morning, so we woke up pretty late. Adrian dropped me off at the Indooropilly shopping mall (sorry short-term-memory...can't remember the name of the mall). He and Mick were off to play tennis at the uni campus (free for staff apparently!)

Spent almost 2 hours walking around like a lost puppy. Ok. One thing I can say...the clothes sold in retail here aren't very good....I hate to say it, but the clothes I bring from KL, is much much more nicer in quality. and cheaper as well!

I didn't get anything except for a cookbook magazine and an arts & craft book.

Adrian had to go for an engagement dinner, so it was up to me and Mick left to ourselves for dinner. Eric had gone back to Sunnybanks to have dinner with his family.

We went to Sizzlers for dinner. Yummy. Had a hard time pronouncing "Fisherman's Platter" to the lady at the checkout counter!

It was funny, coz I got high eating Pavlova (an egg white confectionery full of sugar). This is not even an alcohol based drink. Then we drove around Brett's Wharf and stopped by the river to have a look at the water levels. Real happening.


Woke up at 12pm. Then we headed down to SunnyBanks for "yum cha" (an Australian slang = eating dim sum). It was good fun. Well, apparently the guys found the place over-rated, and preferred the one at King of Kings in ChinaTown, which although smaller, the food tasted better.

Headed down to Coco's (a mini grocery plaza) in Sunnybank and bought lots of grocery. I wanted to watch Superman Returns, but the guys weren't interested. *lol* Guess that Brandon Routh doesn't appeal to guys! (LOL)

Then we headed home after our rendevous. Eric cooked dinner that night, and we had "antipasto" capsicum and black bean beef (with fat parts). Whatever that dish was called and some chicken dish, with rice.

After dinner, Adrian and I headed down to Queen's St, and checked out the Casino there.. It's a pretty small place and nothing much to see. I wanted to get a membership card there, but apparently I couldn't, coz I didn't have the proper identification documents. Oh well.

Monday: Woke up about 9.15am. Adrian dropped me off at the Roma St. bus station to make sure I got a ticket in time to get back to Toowoomba. Well, I tried the new bus service offered (AUD15 only!). When our bus came, there were only 6 people on it! Amazingly few. LOL!

So there, safe & sound back in Toowoomba.
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