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The Wine Wonder Worker.

29th June: In order, not to take up too much bandwith, I will remove this clip for now. You can still watch it at the link.

The Wine Wonder Worker

Hei guys, finally uploaded this video. I only just had time (or mostly finally made my mind!) to upload it. So enjoy it!

It was taken during the AGMF during one of the Free nightly performances.

The Wine Wonder Worker

I am putting up links to the other videos (older ones that is)..
Feel free to watch it!

My last time with them people from FGA before leaving for Australia at the mamak store. There was a Liverpool vs Manchester game on that night.

Both the audio is "NOT" in sync though, but I cant fix it coz the file is not with me!!
Manchester Vs Liverpool!

Santa Claus coming to town...... *Random!*

With Connexions group At Char Chan Teng, in South City Plaza.
At Char Chan Teng in South City Plaza.

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