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No internet connection for a while ya...?

My housemate's sis, Helen, says that it's scary how long I take to cook dinner... what can I say? I am trying to think of ways to shorten my cooking time. My arms were sore this morning.. could barely move it. it's so *SAD*.

(although their compliments more than make up for the effort sometimes...*LOL*)

I am glad I am not married yet.. the husband might expect me to cook fo him every day!

The internet connection at home is out now...our account with the ISP is due for renewal, and Justin is trying to decide which company to subscribe to. So, meanwhile, I am back to blogging using the connection at the uni. Using e-mail to write my entries.

I found a place where I can get free connection without using up my uni bandwith, but its on a Mac. There are some programmes that do not work due to that unfortunately though .....*sigh*. Oh Well.

I am going around taking videos and trying to use NERO to edit it...seems to work for now. I'll put it up on Utube when it's done....I bet you guys can't wait to see it, right??

Anyway, Gray Fox, how you been doing? Haven't seen you online in a while....

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