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Loh Mai.

Today, I had a craving for "peanut glutinous rice balls" (loh mai chee). Well, since I have the glutinous rice flour, I decided to try doing the deed.

It was an ad-hoc thing. After returning from the uni's play group, I headed off to the bookshop and bought some art-paper, and tracing paper. I actually have this entire box of art paper and stationery at home back in KL, but obviously I can't bring it over....
I was not thinking of doing any paper craft work, but it's such a habit of mine to always take out some paper and make my own cards (if I have time).

The reason I do that is because every year during either Christmas, or Chinese New Year, I get tons of the same greeting cards. And you'd know they all came from the same printer, and in value packs. Most of the time, people would just throw it away after the festivities. But with hand made cards, people do not do that. Most of the cards that I have kept are normally hand made. I do not like people throwing my cards away, so I decided to handmake them (if possible, depending on time).

Over the years, I have collected all kinds of glitter pens, glues, paper, more gold ink and pens....that it's like a stationery shop. Mom, if you are reading this, please DO NOT TOUCH MY STATIONERY STUFF.

After that, I went to check on Matt at the residential college, who was MIA. He was alive and well. Yes, and still breathing.

That done, I decided to go home and all of a sudden, just tried making the dessert.

First came the hammer. And crushed went the peanuts. I was actually going to use some rocks, but Tony had a hammer. So there!
I emptied out the peanuts into the numerous empty pasta sauce bottles at home. That took a while. Then I tried my hand at making the thick dough, and rolling the dough into small balls and putting peanut.

Ok, I tried it dry with caster sugar, but it totally sucked, so I decided, heck, I'll just boil it in sugar syrup and eat it like normal tong yuen. Justin and Chi Fung had some of it. Henna was complaining why didn't I call her.....Oh time then. I can call the entire HongKie group to come over and eat during winter. *LOL*

Oh well, better luck next time. I'll just try a different method next time to finish up all the peanuts next time. It's a pity we don't have a blender here. I could make ice-blended frappuccinos and peanut broth (fah sang whu)....*sigh*

The World Cup fever is here already. Australia's SoccerRoos qualified to get in. I was listening in to the television when I was completing the last of my Science Resource this morning. Well, everyone will be up at 3am tonight when the matches start playing. 1 am in KL, I guess??

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