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Holidays are coming....

Ok, seriously. I had no plans made for it. I will be having my practicals on 17-21st of July, so the time period before that is like still "blank" for now.

I will be off to visit my cousin in Brisbane for the weekend, but I find that pretty *sad*, coz I have not actually made plans for the next couple of weeks after that. I don't even have a job to keep me occupied!

My church mates from ANS are heading off to Sydney for the HillSong Conference. Even my church mate Carmen from FGA, is flying all the way from KL to Sydney for that very purpose.

Henna will be off for some church camp for a week, whereas Debbie will be off working.. Justin is busy being mentor, and YK's family will be up visiting north of QLD. Kevin & his sis will no doubt definitely be off working. I have absolutely no idea what Tony will be doing though.

This is REAL SAD. As much as I have tons and tons of novels, storybooks and movies from the library to keep me company, that is absolutely NO WAY they could make good company for me.

*Starts hitting head against the wall...*

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