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Dinner tonight.

One thing I can say. As much as I do enjoy cooking from time to time(which means every alternate day when YK does the cooking), I have decided to budget my time to less than 2 hours of cooking per session.

The guys know that I am the only one who spend the most time in the kitchen area cooking.....ZZZzzz

YK: restaurant garnishing some more...Got soup some more. Wah...really complete meal leh.
Me: I am going to take pictures of it...this took waaay too long to cook, man.

YK: I thought you are cooking chicken rice tonight?

Me: Hoi. You are the one who said finish up the mushroom and kai lan??

YK: So you finished up all the mushrooms edi?

Me: What finish? Not even half of the first box...Oh...I just remembered. We have cashew nuts...
can cook it with hoi sin sauce, chilli and chicken...
Mmmm...Yumm Yumm

Tonight, it took me past 2 hours to get the cooking done.....

It was Kai Lan with mushroom gravy & garlic garnish.

Omelette mushroom chicken & carrot garnish.

I even tried my hand at the mushroom chicken soup.

And finally, chicken stock flavoured rice.


(No wonder it took that to cook).

However, I need to try making the cream of mushroom and chicken soup again.
It was not as thick as I wanted. As for the chicken stock flavoured
rice, I don't think it makes any difference at all....*heh*.


Kevin, who critisizes my food a lot says that it smells nice..... *Hah!*

The only consolation is that I don't have to do the washing up!

You go, Yong Kuang!! *hehe*

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