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Cold foggy morning in Toowoomba.

It rained this morning. You can see how cold it is ...Brrr...

carpark1 copy
At the residential village car park

Matt (OZ) , Yong Kuang (Malaysian), Andrea (Brunei-an).

In Matt's car....the road up ahead was very foggy indeed.

On Saturday morning, we all went in Matt's car to Kmart to do our weekly shopping. It'll be the Queen's Birthday on Monday, so most of the places will be closed for the next two days.

It also just rained earlier, so I think we might still have a fog tomorrow? Who knows.
It always gets colder on rainy days, even in Autumn. This is the first time it has fogged up since I arrived.

Anyway, I made chapati and dhall for dinner today. Australians call it as evening tea (not dinner). I was thinking of making chicken rice, but I changed my mind halfway, and decided to make it.

It took me a while to do it, as I have not made chapati before this. Mostly through trial and error, but I have seen my previous Indian house mates making both chapati and dhall, so I had an idea how it was made. Kevin can lord over me when it comes to making chinese dishes, but not when it comes to Malay and Indian food. Hah! I don't think he's ever tried the actual Malay or Indian food (per se) before!

I called Henna to come over to try it, and she took back some for her house mates to try out as well. *LOL* Sorry no pictures now, but I can always take some in future (if I have the time to)..Hehe.

You need wheat flour, water, rolling pin (working with lots of play dough sure helps eh?) and a hot dry frying pan and a clean tea towel. Its the dhall that takes a while to cook though...yes...and can be pretty tiring. I am going to make the chapati a bit thicker the next time round.

For the dhall, I used lentil (or chick peas). I bought it from the Indian store at the plaza nearby. Basically, I added anything I could find into the broth: chicken, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onions, and whatever else possible.

I also made baked potato in skins in the oven. First I washed the potatoes, and I made slits in the middle, brushed some olive oil on it, wrapped it up in aluminium foil. Of course, before this, I pre-heated the oven, and baked it for about 25 minutes (or so?).

Yup, so we had Indian and western fare for dinner! Hehe.

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