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About couple of years back, (make it about 5, k?),

Ai Ling was the first person I knew who blogged. She was in uni at that time. Ai Ling complained that her classmates (or uni mates...whichever) didn't like what she wrote,
so I said to her, "why did you blog then".

I totally thought it was a ridiculous idea.

Much later, I met U Joe. He was another one of those bloggers who blogged even earlier than Ai Ling back in The States. I say that as U Joe is older than me.

(Come to think of it, I think that only Americans seems to start blogging and then the trend only came to us...)

Anyway, blogging was like this totally new concept. Etc. Back then.

Fast forward 5 years later (or more.)

We now have Ai Ling's younger sis, Laynie who blogs. She has her own following.

Even the younger sis, Nina is bloggin....(dunno her url ler..)

In Malaysia, our most famous blogger, KennySia comes from Kuching, Sarawak.

In Singapore, it is the controversial XiaXue who has a really filthy mouth.Yet people still read her.

When I came to Australia, I thought that there would be bloggers....

However, the general comment and common statement I heard was

"What is blogging?" This was mostly from Aussies.

One comment I heard from another Aussie friend was:

"You are blogging and writing to no one in particular".

Some people think it's weird Malaysians blog.

Nopz. That is not the right answer.
I am writing and I know who and when people read my blog. We have IP and URL trackers for that very purpose you know?

Anyhow, I find it strange that the trend that started in The States has filtered its way down to Asia, but has missed stops along the way to New Zealand and Australia...

Maybe it's trying to hitch an airplane ride Down Under....

Or maybe its TOO

Home & Away Down Under.

Muahahahahahahaha. Get the joke?


cynical-idealist said...

Ekekeke, nice joke.

I used to be baffled that no Aussies blog, until I found out this year that Perth has an equivalent of PPS. Paiseh. But I haven't bothered visiting them yet.

And we can be proud that "Malaysia boleh" in something productive for once. ;)

cheayee said...

Hei there!

what is the URL of the PPS equivalent?

It'd be great to have a look at it!

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