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Blardy Phreaking Cold!!

5th June:

17:20 hours.
It was already dark by the time I got back to my unit. The time I checked was 17:05 hours.
Man. That sure brings us back to earth that Winter is here.

Brendan (the Malaysian mentor) observed that it was not as cold the same time now last year.

This is going to be a COLD winter. (I hope not. But if it does, I hope it SNOWS!)

The thing I don't like about Winter is that the food gets cold not soon after cooking. It's not steaming warm, and according to my mates, they normally re-heat it in the oven....

I should have figured that out earlier. Seems like I am not the only dungu doing that!

00:00 hours.
I just found out that it actually snowed (once upon a time) in Australia.....

According to Kevin (the Malaysian), he says that it does snow in Melbourne during winter.
Justin says that it has snowed in Toowoomba...probably about 5-10 years ago?

Anyway, there is a drought in Toowoomba this year, so the probablity of it snowing any time soon is close to zero this year. Hmmm..

So it DOES SNOW in Queensland after all. Heh.

I took the thermometer from Yong Kuang's room earlier, just to compare whose room is colder.

His room is about 13 celcius (or around there or higher).

At first, my room seemed warmer than his, (it went up to 20 celcius), but after dinner, it went back down to about 11 celcius in my room.

That proves it! His room IS warmer than mine, and mine is colder!

Maybe its about time I go and get some proper winter gloves or something.

Alan says that the Library is a great source of heat (or the room underneath is anyway), and a great place to study during winter. Ha ha ha.
Everyone is complaining about how COLD it is. He says that it doesnt even get this cold in Hong Kong.........ZZZzzz.

Anyway, I cooked Belacan Fried Chicken, and some varied strand of Chinese Chicken Salad on Thursday..

I tried my hand at cooking Sweet and Sour Chicken (the one with the flour batter) and tomato sauce, as well as Orange and Black Bean Sauce chicken on Saturday.

I think Bak Zham Khai (Chicken Rice) is on the menu tomorrow, if I feel like cooking it tomorrow. Haven't tried it, but it doesn't hurt to try something different....Yong Kuang's going to have lots of washing up to do tomorrow. Ha ha ha.

Better EAT UP for winter. If you are wondering WHY I only cook chicken, that is because it is the only meat that we actually buy, and the cheapest. Every other thing costs a bomb, and Seafood IS EXPENSIVE, unless we were living at Sunshine Coast. Perhaps seafood will be cheap then.

3rd June:

I am freezing my toes off..
My fingers are freezing in the cold winter sun.
My room is like a refridgerator at night.

The mattress is cold.
The donna is cold.
The pillow is cold.
Heck, even the floor is cold!

It's still as cold when I have 3 layers of clothes on.
I even wear socks at night and have a pair of house slippers.
The tiles, not to mention, carpet is just as cold.

The wind is just so cold and chilly.

My lips are practically drying and I hate putting on lip gloss.
It's so gross. Grossly sticky and gooey.
Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

It's 5 degrees celcius...I'll be bummed.

It should snow to add to the effect.


pg said...

Chill mate....

Actually, I loved the winter there when i was in Perth.. The time when u are all comfy under the blanket, the hardest thing in the world then was waking up.

Looks like u are turning out to enjoy cooking.. Steamboat is the best during winter ;)

cheayee said...


Hei.Haven't seen u online in ages....


Yeah. I am having a hard time waking up too.It's just too blardy cold to wake up.

It's so cold everyone just sleeps in most of the time. It's near exam time now, so there is less classes.

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