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Harry Potter & the Queen's Lost Handbag.


Harry Potter & the Queen's Lost Handbag.

Ok, I know that whatever magic in Harry Potter is all a result of wires, CGI graphics, and IT Technologies.

I hope the kids don't actually believe that....coz I thought McGyver was a *genius* when I was a kid as well! *lol*

Anyway, here is the skit from Harry Potter, which was screened during the Queen's 80th Birthday.


For a clearer version of the HP clip only, click here
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The Wine Wonder Worker.


The Wine Wonder Worker.

29th June: In order, not to take up too much bandwith, I will remove this clip for now. You can still watch it at the link.

The Wine Wonder Worker

Hei guys, finally uploaded this video. I only just had time (or mostly finally made my mind!) to upload it. So enjoy it!

It was taken during the AGMF during one of the Free nightly performances.

The Wine Wonder Worker

I am putting up links to the other videos (older ones that is)..
Feel free to watch it!

My last time with them people from FGA before leaving for Australia at the mamak store. There was a Liverpool vs Manchester game on that night.

Both the audio is "NOT" in sync though, but I cant fix it coz the file is not with me!!
Manchester Vs Liverpool!

Santa Claus coming to town...... *Random!*

With Connexions group At Char Chan Teng, in South City Plaza.
At Char Chan Teng in South City Plaza.
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About couple of years back, (make it about 5, k?),

Ai Ling was the first person I knew who blogged. She was in uni at that time. Ai Ling complained that her classmates (or uni mates...whichever) didn't like what she wrote,
so I said to her, "why did you blog then".

I totally thought it was a ridiculous idea.

Much later, I met U Joe. He was another one of those bloggers who blogged even earlier than Ai Ling back in The States. I say that as U Joe is older than me.

(Come to think of it, I think that only Americans seems to start blogging and then the trend only came to us...)

Anyway, blogging was like this totally new concept. Etc. Back then.

Fast forward 5 years later (or more.)

We now have Ai Ling's younger sis, Laynie who blogs. She has her own following.

Even the younger sis, Nina is bloggin....(dunno her url ler..)

In Malaysia, our most famous blogger, KennySia comes from Kuching, Sarawak.

In Singapore, it is the controversial XiaXue who has a really filthy mouth.Yet people still read her.

When I came to Australia, I thought that there would be bloggers....

However, the general comment and common statement I heard was

"What is blogging?" This was mostly from Aussies.

One comment I heard from another Aussie friend was:

"You are blogging and writing to no one in particular".

Some people think it's weird Malaysians blog.

Nopz. That is not the right answer.
I am writing and I know who and when people read my blog. We have IP and URL trackers for that very purpose you know?

Anyhow, I find it strange that the trend that started in The States has filtered its way down to Asia, but has missed stops along the way to New Zealand and Australia...

Maybe it's trying to hitch an airplane ride Down Under....

Or maybe its TOO

Home & Away Down Under.

Muahahahahahahaha. Get the joke?

Holidays are coming....


Holidays are coming....

Ok, seriously. I had no plans made for it. I will be having my practicals on 17-21st of July, so the time period before that is like still "blank" for now.

I will be off to visit my cousin in Brisbane for the weekend, but I find that pretty *sad*, coz I have not actually made plans for the next couple of weeks after that. I don't even have a job to keep me occupied!

My church mates from ANS are heading off to Sydney for the HillSong Conference. Even my church mate Carmen from FGA, is flying all the way from KL to Sydney for that very purpose.

Henna will be off for some church camp for a week, whereas Debbie will be off working.. Justin is busy being mentor, and YK's family will be up visiting north of QLD. Kevin & his sis will no doubt definitely be off working. I have absolutely no idea what Tony will be doing though.

This is REAL SAD. As much as I have tons and tons of novels, storybooks and movies from the library to keep me company, that is absolutely NO WAY they could make good company for me.

*Starts hitting head against the wall...*

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Credit Cards: Smart Chip


Credit Cards: Smart Chip

June 19th, Monday:
I thought Malaysia was advanced technologically (at least...), but it seems that Hong Kong has beaten us to it. I was showing the Malaysian credit cards I have to my mates on Sunday during Yum Cha...

Justin: Eh, how come these cards have a 'smart card chip" on it?
YK: people all so backwards alreadi lor..
Justin: our Credit card only have the magnetic strips.
YK: I remember just before I came (here to Toowoomba), the banks were just only implementing the changes to smart card chips on our credit cards.
Me: Yeah, and to think, I thought the banks were being so troublesome.....

* gave me heaps of trouble. I wrote a letter in to complain (to one of my issuing banks) cause the card readers couldn't read my normal magnetic strip debit card to make purchases at petrol kiosks after that!*

Much Henna & Grace..

Me: Hei Grace, can I have a look at your credit card? *Hers is from New Zealand*
Grace: What about it?
Me: Would just like to have a look at the features....

*After much persuasion and hee-haw*...

Grace: Here you are...
Me: doesn't have the smart card chip either?

Henna (the Hongkie) then piped in.
Henna: card chip 'old fashioned already".
Me: What? How can that be?
Henna: Smart card chip is "not safe". People can spoil the smart card chip.
Me: Oh really? How is that?
Henna: In Hong Kong, our cards are like yours...but the smart card chip is 'between' the card (inside the plastic). The chip cannot be seen. It looks like ordinary credit card..
Me: Oh....something like what the library books use, or the concept thereof.

June 16th, Friday:
Today, (how many of you people actually watch the news, or read it on campus?) this came up on the Toowoomba 6 o'clock news. It was talking about how the ATM magnetic card strip crimes were rising in Australia was rising, and the reporters were explaining why Australia is becoming a soft target for all these International CrimeGangs. One of the news reporters said that Malaysia had switched to the utilization of Smart Cards about 2 years ago, and the crime rate has decreased by about 95% due to that.

(although we did complain about it, and made a hoo-haa over the whole thing, remember??)

The thing is, these kinds of things as Malaysians put it, we already knew about it a long time ago. It is only JUST happening and starting in Australia? *Hmmm*

As YK puts it, Australians pump before paying. We can't, and we don't do that in Malaysia, because it is not wise to do that. On the other hand, Australians (or as the case is still happening in our part of Australia), people pump-then-pay. It is not a wonder that people from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, or China would take advantage of this "trust" factor. Not everyone is trusting like that. Especially non-Australians. That is not a wise thing to do in any part of Asia for that matter.....

However, my hsemate, Tony begs to differ (or some of the others anyway)...saying that, a lot of these petrol kiosks are equipped with security cameras, and these people who try to escape off without paying will get caught.

Well, I can't really tell you if that is true for sure, as I don't know anyone who has done that yet, or would do that yet for that matter....

Anyway, just some more *news flash*.

Please. Please. PRAY for it to RAIN in Toowoomba. There is a drought here, and the water levels in the reservoirs are falling. The residents (including international students and aliens) have to make a vote of getting re-cycled water for drinking. or Not.

YUCK. (which basically means, water from sewage treatments. MORE YUCK). I hope. hope. hope. we don't have to do that.....and I for a million years, do not want to drink any re-cycled water (as healthy as the politicians seem to try to sell it to us).

So. Please. Please. Please....PRAY for it to RAIN in Toowoomba. It might get foggier due to the rain in this time of winter. But we need it to RAIN here!
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PIMP me at SmashPoP's!

PIMP me at SmashPoP's!

Yup. Yup.

SmashPoP is feeling real generous after his trip DownUnder to Australia....
His handiwork of photography is real dazzling, and I'd like some of the genius of his work at mine too...

So. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Do Humour me. Click on the link below and head down to SmashPop's!

This IS your Opportunity to PIMP me (meaning this blog!) at SmashPoP's!!!

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks....* I Love You PeOpLe!!*

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No internet connection for a while ya...?


No internet connection for a while ya...?

My housemate's sis, Helen, says that it's scary how long I take to cook dinner... what can I say? I am trying to think of ways to shorten my cooking time. My arms were sore this morning.. could barely move it. it's so *SAD*.

(although their compliments more than make up for the effort sometimes...*LOL*)

I am glad I am not married yet.. the husband might expect me to cook fo him every day!

The internet connection at home is out now...our account with the ISP is due for renewal, and Justin is trying to decide which company to subscribe to. So, meanwhile, I am back to blogging using the connection at the uni. Using e-mail to write my entries.

I found a place where I can get free connection without using up my uni bandwith, but its on a Mac. There are some programmes that do not work due to that unfortunately though .....*sigh*. Oh Well.

I am going around taking videos and trying to use NERO to edit it...seems to work for now. I'll put it up on Utube when it's done....I bet you guys can't wait to see it, right??

Anyway, Gray Fox, how you been doing? Haven't seen you online in a while....

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Dinner tonight.


Dinner tonight.

One thing I can say. As much as I do enjoy cooking from time to time(which means every alternate day when YK does the cooking), I have decided to budget my time to less than 2 hours of cooking per session.

The guys know that I am the only one who spend the most time in the kitchen area cooking.....ZZZzzz

YK: restaurant garnishing some more...Got soup some more. Wah...really complete meal leh.
Me: I am going to take pictures of it...this took waaay too long to cook, man.

YK: I thought you are cooking chicken rice tonight?

Me: Hoi. You are the one who said finish up the mushroom and kai lan??

YK: So you finished up all the mushrooms edi?

Me: What finish? Not even half of the first box...Oh...I just remembered. We have cashew nuts...
can cook it with hoi sin sauce, chilli and chicken...
Mmmm...Yumm Yumm

Tonight, it took me past 2 hours to get the cooking done.....

It was Kai Lan with mushroom gravy & garlic garnish.

Omelette mushroom chicken & carrot garnish.

I even tried my hand at the mushroom chicken soup.

And finally, chicken stock flavoured rice.


(No wonder it took that to cook).

However, I need to try making the cream of mushroom and chicken soup again.
It was not as thick as I wanted. As for the chicken stock flavoured
rice, I don't think it makes any difference at all....*heh*.


Kevin, who critisizes my food a lot says that it smells nice..... *Hah!*

The only consolation is that I don't have to do the washing up!

You go, Yong Kuang!! *hehe*

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Cold foggy morning in Toowoomba.


Cold foggy morning in Toowoomba.

It rained this morning. You can see how cold it is ...Brrr...

carpark1 copy
At the residential village car park

Matt (OZ) , Yong Kuang (Malaysian), Andrea (Brunei-an).

In Matt's car....the road up ahead was very foggy indeed.

On Saturday morning, we all went in Matt's car to Kmart to do our weekly shopping. It'll be the Queen's Birthday on Monday, so most of the places will be closed for the next two days.

It also just rained earlier, so I think we might still have a fog tomorrow? Who knows.
It always gets colder on rainy days, even in Autumn. This is the first time it has fogged up since I arrived.

Anyway, I made chapati and dhall for dinner today. Australians call it as evening tea (not dinner). I was thinking of making chicken rice, but I changed my mind halfway, and decided to make it.

It took me a while to do it, as I have not made chapati before this. Mostly through trial and error, but I have seen my previous Indian house mates making both chapati and dhall, so I had an idea how it was made. Kevin can lord over me when it comes to making chinese dishes, but not when it comes to Malay and Indian food. Hah! I don't think he's ever tried the actual Malay or Indian food (per se) before!

I called Henna to come over to try it, and she took back some for her house mates to try out as well. *LOL* Sorry no pictures now, but I can always take some in future (if I have the time to)..Hehe.

You need wheat flour, water, rolling pin (working with lots of play dough sure helps eh?) and a hot dry frying pan and a clean tea towel. Its the dhall that takes a while to cook though...yes...and can be pretty tiring. I am going to make the chapati a bit thicker the next time round.

For the dhall, I used lentil (or chick peas). I bought it from the Indian store at the plaza nearby. Basically, I added anything I could find into the broth: chicken, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onions, and whatever else possible.

I also made baked potato in skins in the oven. First I washed the potatoes, and I made slits in the middle, brushed some olive oil on it, wrapped it up in aluminium foil. Of course, before this, I pre-heated the oven, and baked it for about 25 minutes (or so?).

Yup, so we had Indian and western fare for dinner! Hehe.
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Loh Mai.


Loh Mai.

Today, I had a craving for "peanut glutinous rice balls" (loh mai chee). Well, since I have the glutinous rice flour, I decided to try doing the deed.

It was an ad-hoc thing. After returning from the uni's play group, I headed off to the bookshop and bought some art-paper, and tracing paper. I actually have this entire box of art paper and stationery at home back in KL, but obviously I can't bring it over....
I was not thinking of doing any paper craft work, but it's such a habit of mine to always take out some paper and make my own cards (if I have time).

The reason I do that is because every year during either Christmas, or Chinese New Year, I get tons of the same greeting cards. And you'd know they all came from the same printer, and in value packs. Most of the time, people would just throw it away after the festivities. But with hand made cards, people do not do that. Most of the cards that I have kept are normally hand made. I do not like people throwing my cards away, so I decided to handmake them (if possible, depending on time).

Over the years, I have collected all kinds of glitter pens, glues, paper, more gold ink and pens....that it's like a stationery shop. Mom, if you are reading this, please DO NOT TOUCH MY STATIONERY STUFF.

After that, I went to check on Matt at the residential college, who was MIA. He was alive and well. Yes, and still breathing.

That done, I decided to go home and all of a sudden, just tried making the dessert.

First came the hammer. And crushed went the peanuts. I was actually going to use some rocks, but Tony had a hammer. So there!
I emptied out the peanuts into the numerous empty pasta sauce bottles at home. That took a while. Then I tried my hand at making the thick dough, and rolling the dough into small balls and putting peanut.

Ok, I tried it dry with caster sugar, but it totally sucked, so I decided, heck, I'll just boil it in sugar syrup and eat it like normal tong yuen. Justin and Chi Fung had some of it. Henna was complaining why didn't I call her.....Oh time then. I can call the entire HongKie group to come over and eat during winter. *LOL*

Oh well, better luck next time. I'll just try a different method next time to finish up all the peanuts next time. It's a pity we don't have a blender here. I could make ice-blended frappuccinos and peanut broth (fah sang whu)....*sigh*

The World Cup fever is here already. Australia's SoccerRoos qualified to get in. I was listening in to the television when I was completing the last of my Science Resource this morning. Well, everyone will be up at 3am tonight when the matches start playing. 1 am in KL, I guess??
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Blardy Phreaking Cold!!


Blardy Phreaking Cold!!

5th June:

17:20 hours.
It was already dark by the time I got back to my unit. The time I checked was 17:05 hours.
Man. That sure brings us back to earth that Winter is here.

Brendan (the Malaysian mentor) observed that it was not as cold the same time now last year.

This is going to be a COLD winter. (I hope not. But if it does, I hope it SNOWS!)

The thing I don't like about Winter is that the food gets cold not soon after cooking. It's not steaming warm, and according to my mates, they normally re-heat it in the oven....

I should have figured that out earlier. Seems like I am not the only dungu doing that!

00:00 hours.
I just found out that it actually snowed (once upon a time) in Australia.....

According to Kevin (the Malaysian), he says that it does snow in Melbourne during winter.
Justin says that it has snowed in Toowoomba...probably about 5-10 years ago?

Anyway, there is a drought in Toowoomba this year, so the probablity of it snowing any time soon is close to zero this year. Hmmm..

So it DOES SNOW in Queensland after all. Heh.

I took the thermometer from Yong Kuang's room earlier, just to compare whose room is colder.

His room is about 13 celcius (or around there or higher).

At first, my room seemed warmer than his, (it went up to 20 celcius), but after dinner, it went back down to about 11 celcius in my room.

That proves it! His room IS warmer than mine, and mine is colder!

Maybe its about time I go and get some proper winter gloves or something.

Alan says that the Library is a great source of heat (or the room underneath is anyway), and a great place to study during winter. Ha ha ha.
Everyone is complaining about how COLD it is. He says that it doesnt even get this cold in Hong Kong.........ZZZzzz.

Anyway, I cooked Belacan Fried Chicken, and some varied strand of Chinese Chicken Salad on Thursday..

I tried my hand at cooking Sweet and Sour Chicken (the one with the flour batter) and tomato sauce, as well as Orange and Black Bean Sauce chicken on Saturday.

I think Bak Zham Khai (Chicken Rice) is on the menu tomorrow, if I feel like cooking it tomorrow. Haven't tried it, but it doesn't hurt to try something different....Yong Kuang's going to have lots of washing up to do tomorrow. Ha ha ha.

Better EAT UP for winter. If you are wondering WHY I only cook chicken, that is because it is the only meat that we actually buy, and the cheapest. Every other thing costs a bomb, and Seafood IS EXPENSIVE, unless we were living at Sunshine Coast. Perhaps seafood will be cheap then.

3rd June:

I am freezing my toes off..
My fingers are freezing in the cold winter sun.
My room is like a refridgerator at night.

The mattress is cold.
The donna is cold.
The pillow is cold.
Heck, even the floor is cold!

It's still as cold when I have 3 layers of clothes on.
I even wear socks at night and have a pair of house slippers.
The tiles, not to mention, carpet is just as cold.

The wind is just so cold and chilly.

My lips are practically drying and I hate putting on lip gloss.
It's so gross. Grossly sticky and gooey.
Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

It's 5 degrees celcius...I'll be bummed.

It should snow to add to the effect.
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