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This sleeping like a pig thing.

I don't really know whether it is a student thing, but I don't understand how exactly people can stay up late into the night up till about 3am, and wake up at exactly 3pm the next day.

I don't know whether it has anything to do with my being getting old, but then again, my cousin who is also studying his post-grad is also doing it as well. And he's 32! I do know that Lai Ching used to do that a lot. She will do it if she has the chance to. But she is working now, so there is no absolute way she is capable of doing it.

Is that like a student life thing?I can't say that all 19-year olds do that.
Matt doesnt. He's Anglo-Australian.

LYK doesn't (He's 25). Sima doesn't (She's 29). Uru doesn't (She's 27).

Day time is like the best time do things. You wake up early. Have breakfast. Do your chores. Revise your work. Do your assignment.

For example, like the other day, I woke up at 6.30am. Then went over to Steven's place. Had some pies and munchies for brekkie. Then we had some apostolic training, and covered about three areas of study, after which Matt. sent me home. They then left for Ravensbourne. Now that took up half the morning.

Imagine if I had only woke up at 12pm, and covered 3 sessions. That would have been 6 o'clock when the skies are already dark!
*Note: In Toowoomba, dawn starts at about 5.30am and sunbreak around 5.30pm.

Well, I managed to get to sleep by 2.30am, amidst the hooting of the "burung hantu" who were looking for mice downstairs in the hall last night. And wake up at 8am this morning. Had some cornflakes for breakfast. Did some stuff. Read some stuff off my book. Then I cooked some noodles for lunch at 2pm.

Anyway, M.I.3 did suck. Yup, the one where Tom Cruise goes around running through the streets saying "zou kai" on the streets of Shanghai. The plot was predictable. It's good for the first viewing, but you don't want to waste your precious dole on this one!

Justin didn't like it. First one to state it vehemently. I already told you it was not very good anyway. Stick to the tv series anytime yeah?

Verse of the day: On Monday, Jehovah blessed Sarah with the promise of fertility.

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