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SilverFOX:War of the fishes (2006)

Meanwhile, back in Malaysia, we have numerous fast-food chains jumping on the fish-y bandwagon. Has it got to do with the bird flu scare rumoured to be spreading from some parts of the country, I don't know, but it's open to interpretations.

McDonald's doing it is understandable; heck, they only extended their Fillet-O-Fish list to include Fish McDippers and added an extra fillet to their already yummy fish burger. But seeing Kentucky Fried Chicken recently added fish burgers to their menu sure took the cake.

Even Nando's and Burger King are doing it, respectively offering Peri-Peri Fish and salmon burger.

The only thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was a certain pizzaria place's new seafood pizza. I gotta give credit to the guys doing the advertisement - CY and I ordered one and it came out looking nothing like the pictures we've seen. Oh, and I've got proof too :)

These pics were taken before CNY (sorry girl, a bit late I know) but nevertheless still good for show-and-tell. Wait for the 'incriminating evidence' as I'll be uploading the pics later. The only Photoshop-ping the pics will get is resizing them to fit in this window and blurring of the said place's logo... ^_^;

EDIT: Here ya go!

From her expression here, you know CY was eager to have a go
at the seafood pizza

She took up the pizza slicer, and just as she was about to touch it...

...she had to abruptly stop as I noticed some anomalies with the pizza
(check out her cute 'eh?' look in this pic ^_^)

Compare this promo table stand to the pics I took below...

A closer inspection showed the ingredients on the pizza seemed to
have been simply 'thrown in'

Just look at the prawn - man, the ones in the ad looked better than this!
Well, at least they don't look 'starved'...


cheayee said...

if you guys were wondering...

yes. i did eat the pizza.

SilverFOX said...

...and won a free Cola drink afterwards >_<

How lucky can one get?

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