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Promotion from MAXIS/ CALL me!

For Malaysians anyway.

Well actually, my dad called to call me about the conversion rate.
It is about 1 AUD to RM2.80, but normally I just round it up to RM3, coz it makes the calculation much more easier.

Yeah, Hotlink and Maxis Postpaid is having a promotion till 30th June.

It's 20cents per minute day/night, no peak hours if you call my *LANDLINE* number.

Click here for more information:

My landline number is:
+617-4690 0565 (if you are out of Australia).

So if you are calling using the MAXIS/ HOTLINK promotion, you will have to dial:
+132 00 617 4690 0565

1 comment

SilverFOX said...

Umm, I guess there's no excuse not to call you now, eh? :sweat:

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