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Prayer for my lost Dell USB thumb drive

Courtesy of Ren Kai. (nevermind that he is not Christian).

Who says a prayer for me after hearing my loss of the 512 MB thumbdrive.

oh lord, hear me, hear me now!
please bring my friend's Dell thumbdrive back home safely,
to the loving owner to which it belongs!
may a passing stranger, verily, a good samaritan!
ye I beseech upon thee, may his heart be struck with sudden goodwill and that he shall have a vision! a vision of where to bring the thumbdrive that it may be returned!
oh lord jesus,
bless my friend with a dream tonight
blah blah blah and let it never be lost again,
in the lord's name we pray, amen

Thanks anyway, Ren Kai.

Very much later in the same evening:
Speaking of which, I found the Thumb Drive not too long after I put this entry up..... :-)

*Praise God then!*

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