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Not your typical asian "female".

I have been described as not a typical asian female.

Ironically, it is the description that males give, not the females I know......ZZZzzzzzzzz

To the point, I would like to say that I was very much the typical female asian until about 7 years back. Then an acquaintance by accident "turned on the tap", and it has been rendered useless that the repair spokesperson waved the white flag in surrender!

Of course, meeting even more kindred spirits (as Anne Shirley puts it) along the way made it inevitable that I will never return to the path evermore.

Finding someone as serious, yet as randomly chatty and uniquely who is like me is really not as easy as you'd think.

AHHH....How uniquely me. I am glad I found myself. I just love myself.

Muacks. Muacks. Muacks.

I don't think I will ever let you go away.

As I once heard a mate once said,

"no one can ever put you down, if you choose not to let them to".

I have found a housemate much more melodramatic than I am.
He calls me a drama queen, but I say that it is only with subtle undertones that I am compared to the even drowning undertones he is.

Yet again, I have met asian males born and bred in the shores of Australia who are much more conservative than my mum was when i was 14, who find someone like me who does not fit the mould to be shocking.

I would say that I find it ironic that my own asian female friends who are brought and bred in an Asian country, would be much more open and broad minded than asians in a so-called developed western country (though politically correct speaking, Australia is considered to be in the Pacific).

My cousin theorizes that perhaps these asian aussies have very strict and conservative bringing up, and this thought of mind was inherited by the children.

My theory is that, these individuals are naive. They have not had much experience with many typical female asians. Outgoing female asians for that matter......*Rolls eyes*.

Asians females who can be extremely outgoing, demanding, and manipulative. *evil grin*

Obviously, at first glance, and impression, you'd think that they were rather open-minded, but if you actually open your ears to listen between the lines to the conversation, you'd find that they are not very "Aussie" to begin with.

Perhaps this is an isolated case. It would not be right to have the assumption, to think that a lot of Aussie asians actually think like that.

My kiwi nieces are exactly Kiwis. They are chinese in blood, but kiwi in mind. I should think that that should be the way, as long as you know where not to cross the line.


cynical-idealist said...

:p So far, the ABCs I've met here are pretty much like that. I still find them kinda naive, and very conservative. Or maybe that was just coz I met them at a conservative church.

cheayee said...

ABC: air batu cina.

ha ha ha ha ha ha.

the church i go to is swarmed mostly by international students from Singapore and Malaysia

those are quite open minded.

in your context, what does "naive" mean?

you mean like, katak di bawah tempurung, and expect everyone to be like them as well?

cynical-idealist said...

Haha, one ABC I met went to Christmas Island, and was overwhelmed by how Muslims and Christians lived side by side. He grew up in a predominantly ABC Christian community.

I guess my use of "naive" meant that they were pretty much katak di bawah tempurung, and haven't had much contact with those different from them, and had a less broad view of the world compared to most international students who've come from diverse backgrounds in their home countries. Even so, some international students I've met have been pretty ignorant about a lot of things too. So I guess you've got both ends of the rope here.

KY said...

I guess it all depends on the individual. btw update laa my link, blogspot address is old.

cheayee said...


haven't had much time to fiddle with this blog ler.....

wait wait ah...

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