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Mothers' Day 2006

With Mothers Day coming in the month of May, heaps of children (and adults) will be getting gifts for their mothers. Notwithstanding the fact that the day itself is TOO commercialized, but nonetheless, it does not deter from the fact that mothers ARE important and a day has been set to commemorate the importance, significance and the sacrifices that mothers have made for their children.

Anyhow, I bought my mom a yummy brown chocolate cheese-cake from Secret Recipe.

How do you think I did it?

Well, there lies the wonder of TECHNOLOGY!

He he.

I was hoping to find something on The CheeseCake Shop (which surprisingly, to my surprise actually originated from OZ!). The cheesecake I tried here was amazingly yummy! Hence the reason why I wanted to get something from there in Malaysia (hint. Hint. My mom loves cakes from The CheeseCake Shop).

But beggars cannot be choosers. I suppose in this case, the thought counts. Of course, the other wonder is the use of for that very purpose.

Anyway, it had been a pretty interesting week. I have an assignment due on Monday, so that rendered me unable to attend the Ravensbourne training sessions with some of the students who attended ANS.

You know, I do enjoy LAN sessions, but just as like chocolates, good things come in small packages. Too much of it, and you will gag.

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