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Dreams. Omens. Stuff?

What can dreams tell you about your own life?

Not much, in my opinion. However, I am of opinion that it is possible to make decisions & choices in your dreams, and that could be a representative of the real thing in your own life?

Well, for the past couple of weeks, I have been having dreams.

Some memorable. Some weird. Some I would not mention to the people In Real Life.

I dream about MT in the month of April. MT was carrying a videocamera around and we were going into a house. Ok, the videocam was an instrument used not for good purposes,
(can't remember the details, but, maybe my roomies would remember, coz I told them, and they poked fun about it...)

*Guys!!* *Rolls eyes* I am actually a bit surprised to dream of all people, MT!
Coz I didnt really talk that much with him, so, to dream about someone you barely know, is a bit strange...

I dreamt about Simon about 2 weeks back or more. The dream is not something that I expected.

Last weekend, I dreamt about PG. Ok, now this dream is really explicitly interesting. Sorry, but the content is for his ears only. If he dares ask, anyway! ;-)
Speaking of which, he returned a call after I sent him a text on Tuesday night.. Been ages since I heard from him! It was great to hear from him the least, but no less pleasantly surprised.

Early this week, I dream about a dog being sliced into half, and mentioned it to Justin.

He thought that was weird. So did I.

Then this morning, I dreamt about spirits entering the body of this individual in my dream....hmm. Perhaps, it is telling me that I should not watch any of those weird "Medium" shows, or Charmed, for that matter. Graphic portrayal of spirits using technology is very realistic, and is very accurately re-constructed in my dreams.

OR, it is just probably telling me not to watch The Da Vinci Code. Lol.
Yeah, I am borrowing the Da Vinci Code book off Justin to read.

IF I have the time.

Anyway, surprise. Surprise. I bumped into my junior from high school, ReeSion (Rin Na's brother) on campus yesterday. He's currently doing his under-grad in IT Networking, and I heard that Rin Na had her 2nd child last year... Well, time does flies once you leave school, doesn't it?

This week is Mothers' Day in Australia. The guys came over to play CS and DoTa on Friday night. They played until 8am this morning...... Zzzzzzz.
It's fine and dandy on weekends to play anyway, coz the uni will be closed.

Anyway, my roomies have all gone away for the weekend. Kevin's gone to work. Justin off to his hometown. Tony's mom is TOO far away, so he is staying.
I stayed in my roomie's room listening to the medley of Back To The Future 1, and with Justin, tried to figure out which part of the track went with which scene. You can figure out that is our favourite movie. Lol!

Ok, gotta run. Catch up people later!

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