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DoTa: NutCases!

If I don't play F.P.S, I play R.T.S.

I did say I won't play DoD, but shall I put it?


Ok. I know. I suck at the game.

I die. LIKE ALL THE TIME! We have a couple of NoObs in the game, about 4 of us. The rest survive most of the time.

The guys played DoD for the past two LANs, but has since changed stance after playing DoTa some time before midnight. The guys were so caught up with the game that they didn't sleep till the wee hours of the morning ! Then some of them drove out for brekkie at Mackers, napped a while till noon.

They are UP and about playing DoTa in the hall NOW????

Well, I heard that they'll host another LAN tonight.

Uh....... guys, are you for REAL?

Anyway, Logan was really good at it. Watching him play made it seem so effortless to just up-level. He just manages to kill everyone regardless which character he gets, even at Random Mode. I learn a lot from just observing Logan play....he he he.

Yup, and the guys were FEEDING off me to UP themselves ??? BULLIES!!
You guys JUST wait.

Anyway, they'll be hosting another LAN sometime in the week. As the priviledge of being the inmate host, Justin who dislikes DoTa with a vengeance, the guys have voted to have the FPS and RTS LANs separately for that very reason.

With CyberCafes a thing of luxury in OZ (computers aren't that cheap to maintain here, y'know!) LAN parties are about the only thing that us students look towards during our free time. He he he.


pg said...

haha, welcome to the DotA club

cheayee said...

thank you. thank you. thank you.

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