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"Chiu Kup Moh DiK Jhiung Moon Gau"

Yes, according to Chi Fung, that is the direct translation in Cantonese for Wallace & Gromit.

Apparently, this movie took 6 years to make, but heck, the movie sure is funny. Why 6 years?
Coz the movie is shot with characters made from moulded plasticine, and each day's filming was 30 frames, which was only "one second of film" for the entire production....

WOAH. It does take a very long time just to produce a movie, eh?

Yeah, we watched it in the hall this evening earlier. The show was really funny.... Actually, the others have already seen it last Sunday, but I was rushing to complete my assignment, so that was the last thing to do anyway.I have 2 assignments due in the next 2 weeks, so I really have to read up A LOT in the next 2 weeks.

We ordered pizza again tonight. I think this must be the 3rd time they ordered pizza this week. I am getting kinda sick of pizza, y'know?

I wonder if there is any place which we can order takeaway wantan mee, or hainanese white chicken rice? Yummmmy.....

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