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The ring lives.


The ring lives.

The ring lives.
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Not your typical asian "female".


Not your typical asian "female".

I have been described as not a typical asian female.

Ironically, it is the description that males give, not the females I know......ZZZzzzzzzzz

To the point, I would like to say that I was very much the typical female asian until about 7 years back. Then an acquaintance by accident "turned on the tap", and it has been rendered useless that the repair spokesperson waved the white flag in surrender!

Of course, meeting even more kindred spirits (as Anne Shirley puts it) along the way made it inevitable that I will never return to the path evermore.

Finding someone as serious, yet as randomly chatty and uniquely who is like me is really not as easy as you'd think.

AHHH....How uniquely me. I am glad I found myself. I just love myself.

Muacks. Muacks. Muacks.

I don't think I will ever let you go away.

As I once heard a mate once said,

"no one can ever put you down, if you choose not to let them to".

I have found a housemate much more melodramatic than I am.
He calls me a drama queen, but I say that it is only with subtle undertones that I am compared to the even drowning undertones he is.

Yet again, I have met asian males born and bred in the shores of Australia who are much more conservative than my mum was when i was 14, who find someone like me who does not fit the mould to be shocking.

I would say that I find it ironic that my own asian female friends who are brought and bred in an Asian country, would be much more open and broad minded than asians in a so-called developed western country (though politically correct speaking, Australia is considered to be in the Pacific).

My cousin theorizes that perhaps these asian aussies have very strict and conservative bringing up, and this thought of mind was inherited by the children.

My theory is that, these individuals are naive. They have not had much experience with many typical female asians. Outgoing female asians for that matter......*Rolls eyes*.

Asians females who can be extremely outgoing, demanding, and manipulative. *evil grin*

Obviously, at first glance, and impression, you'd think that they were rather open-minded, but if you actually open your ears to listen between the lines to the conversation, you'd find that they are not very "Aussie" to begin with.

Perhaps this is an isolated case. It would not be right to have the assumption, to think that a lot of Aussie asians actually think like that.

My kiwi nieces are exactly Kiwis. They are chinese in blood, but kiwi in mind. I should think that that should be the way, as long as you know where not to cross the line.
Winter hitting us soon.


Winter hitting us soon.

Its going to be winter soon. No less the fact that there is no white snow falling from the sky does not mean that it will be any less cold.

The weather report on tv says that it will 5degrees celcius tomorrow, which according to Tony, would mean the start of the Winter soon....(regardless of whether it has officially been declared "winter" yet..) Anyway, as I have said before, Toowoomba is on highlands, and inland. It's also rather windy here, and will be much colder earlier than those living on the Australian coast

It is generally know that your first experience of winter (or anything unknown) will always be memorable (or the worst if it comes to that), but the second will be better after you have gone through it. Hmmm....

Tony says that the sun will start to set by 4.30pm when winter hits us, and dawn at 7.00am.... It is a wonder why Malaysians like us who have never left the country for practically all of our lives could not understand why people in Australia stop work at 5pm.

Imagine coming home from work at 5, and the sun is already dark. Of course, the sun starts to set at 7.30pm in Kuala Lumpur, but of course, we are only understanding the Australian's context of time from our own KL'ian context, not theirs.

It is a really darn annoying thing to have to go home by 5pm, coz the sun starts to set by then, and it is dangerous for the fairer sex like me to go walking off by myself to my friend's place, which I could very much not do, since I do not have the additional priviledge of the 2 hours of daylight like I could back in KL.

Of course, the other thing that I remember about the winter is the vignitte by my Cross-Communication Lecturer, Mr. Chang, about how he could not understand why women go around in a bikini, when "from his context" it was blazing hot. It was not till he experienced the same weather himself, did he realise that although the sun was shining that day, it was actually freezing cold....but of course, even if you see that on tv, you as the viewer, would not be able to experience it from their context....

If you are a tourist, say like in China, where I went for a week many years back, the significance of the lifestyle may not hit you, till you are actually living there for a significant duration of time.

No less, you can say I am still in the "KL"ian context of time. The joke says,

"You can take a person out of the culture, but you can't take the culture out of the person".

In which case, the person is me, having fully grown in KL all my life, and used to the culture of my homeland, and not Toowoomba's. It may take me longer than I thought to get used to the lifestyle here.

It is a bit hard not having had any Malaysian food any time I like...I haven't had teh tarik in a long long time. Seafood of any kind is expensive in the inlands, and definitely in Australia. But I can survive that...I am not too fussy about the food I eat anyway.

If you were wondering, no, I have no intention of returning back to KL any time soon. Not so soon anyway. It's too short a period of time during the leave of my absence to have affected any noteworthy change, nor for me to notice any. Everything will still be the same except for the fact that some of my friends have found new jobs, new beaus, higher pay packets, and some may be getting married soon enough within this year.

I miss the Malay food. You can barely find any in Australia, though an electic variety of Chinese food can be found wherever Chinese people are found.....(just not nearby).
There is no nasi lemak, teh tarik, rendang ayam, A&W root beer, roti canai, chicken rice, or the char kway teow like the one from the stall near my Auntie's house.

I miss my friends from FGA. People who are mature in their walk like Madeline, Katherine, Jess, & Jacqueline who will text me "biblical" advice when I need some.....

I miss my cracker jack friend, Annie, who is now in the States for nearly 2 years soon, but we converse through Skype. Oi people...get Skype is also FREE!

(If you were wondering, I CAN'T INCLUDE everyone's name....)

Anyway, just pray for me for wisdom that I get my assignments done well, that God will help me find the path that He envisioned in my coming here, and that I find like-minded female friends who are as serious (and as randomly mad as I am).
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Promotion from MAXIS/ CALL me!


Promotion from MAXIS/ CALL me!

For Malaysians anyway.

Well actually, my dad called to call me about the conversion rate.
It is about 1 AUD to RM2.80, but normally I just round it up to RM3, coz it makes the calculation much more easier.

Yeah, Hotlink and Maxis Postpaid is having a promotion till 30th June.

It's 20cents per minute day/night, no peak hours if you call my *LANDLINE* number.

Click here for more information:

My landline number is:
+617-4690 0565 (if you are out of Australia).

So if you are calling using the MAXIS/ HOTLINK promotion, you will have to dial:
+132 00 617 4690 0565
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Prayer for my lost Dell USB thumb drive


Prayer for my lost Dell USB thumb drive

Courtesy of Ren Kai. (nevermind that he is not Christian).

Who says a prayer for me after hearing my loss of the 512 MB thumbdrive.

oh lord, hear me, hear me now!
please bring my friend's Dell thumbdrive back home safely,
to the loving owner to which it belongs!
may a passing stranger, verily, a good samaritan!
ye I beseech upon thee, may his heart be struck with sudden goodwill and that he shall have a vision! a vision of where to bring the thumbdrive that it may be returned!
oh lord jesus,
bless my friend with a dream tonight
blah blah blah and let it never be lost again,
in the lord's name we pray, amen

Thanks anyway, Ren Kai.

Very much later in the same evening:
Speaking of which, I found the Thumb Drive not too long after I put this entry up..... :-)

*Praise God then!*
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"Chiu Kup Moh DiK Jhiung Moon Gau"

"Chiu Kup Moh DiK Jhiung Moon Gau"

Yes, according to Chi Fung, that is the direct translation in Cantonese for Wallace & Gromit.

Apparently, this movie took 6 years to make, but heck, the movie sure is funny. Why 6 years?
Coz the movie is shot with characters made from moulded plasticine, and each day's filming was 30 frames, which was only "one second of film" for the entire production....

WOAH. It does take a very long time just to produce a movie, eh?

Yeah, we watched it in the hall this evening earlier. The show was really funny.... Actually, the others have already seen it last Sunday, but I was rushing to complete my assignment, so that was the last thing to do anyway.I have 2 assignments due in the next 2 weeks, so I really have to read up A LOT in the next 2 weeks.

We ordered pizza again tonight. I think this must be the 3rd time they ordered pizza this week. I am getting kinda sick of pizza, y'know?

I wonder if there is any place which we can order takeaway wantan mee, or hainanese white chicken rice? Yummmmy.....
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Dreams. Omens. Stuff?


Dreams. Omens. Stuff?

What can dreams tell you about your own life?

Not much, in my opinion. However, I am of opinion that it is possible to make decisions & choices in your dreams, and that could be a representative of the real thing in your own life?

Well, for the past couple of weeks, I have been having dreams.

Some memorable. Some weird. Some I would not mention to the people In Real Life.

I dream about MT in the month of April. MT was carrying a videocamera around and we were going into a house. Ok, the videocam was an instrument used not for good purposes,
(can't remember the details, but, maybe my roomies would remember, coz I told them, and they poked fun about it...)

*Guys!!* *Rolls eyes* I am actually a bit surprised to dream of all people, MT!
Coz I didnt really talk that much with him, so, to dream about someone you barely know, is a bit strange...

I dreamt about Simon about 2 weeks back or more. The dream is not something that I expected.

Last weekend, I dreamt about PG. Ok, now this dream is really explicitly interesting. Sorry, but the content is for his ears only. If he dares ask, anyway! ;-)
Speaking of which, he returned a call after I sent him a text on Tuesday night.. Been ages since I heard from him! It was great to hear from him the least, but no less pleasantly surprised.

Early this week, I dream about a dog being sliced into half, and mentioned it to Justin.

He thought that was weird. So did I.

Then this morning, I dreamt about spirits entering the body of this individual in my dream....hmm. Perhaps, it is telling me that I should not watch any of those weird "Medium" shows, or Charmed, for that matter. Graphic portrayal of spirits using technology is very realistic, and is very accurately re-constructed in my dreams.

OR, it is just probably telling me not to watch The Da Vinci Code. Lol.
Yeah, I am borrowing the Da Vinci Code book off Justin to read.

IF I have the time.

Anyway, surprise. Surprise. I bumped into my junior from high school, ReeSion (Rin Na's brother) on campus yesterday. He's currently doing his under-grad in IT Networking, and I heard that Rin Na had her 2nd child last year... Well, time does flies once you leave school, doesn't it?

This week is Mothers' Day in Australia. The guys came over to play CS and DoTa on Friday night. They played until 8am this morning...... Zzzzzzz.
It's fine and dandy on weekends to play anyway, coz the uni will be closed.

Anyway, my roomies have all gone away for the weekend. Kevin's gone to work. Justin off to his hometown. Tony's mom is TOO far away, so he is staying.
I stayed in my roomie's room listening to the medley of Back To The Future 1, and with Justin, tried to figure out which part of the track went with which scene. You can figure out that is our favourite movie. Lol!

Ok, gotta run. Catch up people later!
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This sleeping like a pig thing.


This sleeping like a pig thing.

I don't really know whether it is a student thing, but I don't understand how exactly people can stay up late into the night up till about 3am, and wake up at exactly 3pm the next day.

I don't know whether it has anything to do with my being getting old, but then again, my cousin who is also studying his post-grad is also doing it as well. And he's 32! I do know that Lai Ching used to do that a lot. She will do it if she has the chance to. But she is working now, so there is no absolute way she is capable of doing it.

Is that like a student life thing?I can't say that all 19-year olds do that.
Matt doesnt. He's Anglo-Australian.

LYK doesn't (He's 25). Sima doesn't (She's 29). Uru doesn't (She's 27).

Day time is like the best time do things. You wake up early. Have breakfast. Do your chores. Revise your work. Do your assignment.

For example, like the other day, I woke up at 6.30am. Then went over to Steven's place. Had some pies and munchies for brekkie. Then we had some apostolic training, and covered about three areas of study, after which Matt. sent me home. They then left for Ravensbourne. Now that took up half the morning.

Imagine if I had only woke up at 12pm, and covered 3 sessions. That would have been 6 o'clock when the skies are already dark!
*Note: In Toowoomba, dawn starts at about 5.30am and sunbreak around 5.30pm.

Well, I managed to get to sleep by 2.30am, amidst the hooting of the "burung hantu" who were looking for mice downstairs in the hall last night. And wake up at 8am this morning. Had some cornflakes for breakfast. Did some stuff. Read some stuff off my book. Then I cooked some noodles for lunch at 2pm.

Anyway, M.I.3 did suck. Yup, the one where Tom Cruise goes around running through the streets saying "zou kai" on the streets of Shanghai. The plot was predictable. It's good for the first viewing, but you don't want to waste your precious dole on this one!

Justin didn't like it. First one to state it vehemently. I already told you it was not very good anyway. Stick to the tv series anytime yeah?

Verse of the day: On Monday, Jehovah blessed Sarah with the promise of fertility.
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M.I. 3.


M.I. 3.

Justin is not pleased that I missed church on Sunday.

Yeah. Yeah. He's been going on about it. Also the fact that I didn't go for the camp at Ravensbourne. Hei man, I have my responsibilities...not that I felt like it!

The Current Issues and Trends- Literature Review assignment drove me nuts! It's my first time doing a Lit. Review, and I have absolutely no idea how to go about starting to do it, not to mention that it was a distance education course, with no classes to attend or anyone else that I can talk to about it. My lecturer is not on campus, which is another shitty thing that drove me absolutely nuts. It'll take her about 2-3 days before I can get a reply from her!

On the other hand, I have some issues with some friends. It's been like really annoying, coz I am making a big deal out of it, and I know I should not let it affect me. But I am, and it's annoying?

I made a big deal about the LAN games going on till very late, so I think they will play less?
If they do NOT, I am just going to make up a sign and put on the wall saying

"Please Play Silently. Some of us NEED to SLEEP.
Resident of Unit 135,
Signed, Chea Yee".

Anyway, we are going to watch M.I 3 tonight. Not too sure how good the movie will be, but I never really thought Mission Impossible movies with Tom Cruise was that good anyway. Plot wise that is.

I have another Early Childhood Professional assignment due on Friday, so it will be a busy week for me. I am not sure how the Exam-Interview went last week, but it should be fine? I hope so. I prepared a powerpoint for it, but halfway during the exam, when the other students were presenting theirs, I realised that it was not in the correct context, so I had to stuff that. The lecturer seems understanding enough though.
He gave me a B for my CV Portfolio assignment, so I guess that went fine...? It's up to the last two assignments to pull up my score....

Need lots of prayers for my wellbeing. Catch up with you guys later.
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Mothers' Day 2006


Mothers' Day 2006

With Mothers Day coming in the month of May, heaps of children (and adults) will be getting gifts for their mothers. Notwithstanding the fact that the day itself is TOO commercialized, but nonetheless, it does not deter from the fact that mothers ARE important and a day has been set to commemorate the importance, significance and the sacrifices that mothers have made for their children.

Anyhow, I bought my mom a yummy brown chocolate cheese-cake from Secret Recipe.

How do you think I did it?

Well, there lies the wonder of TECHNOLOGY!

He he.

I was hoping to find something on The CheeseCake Shop (which surprisingly, to my surprise actually originated from OZ!). The cheesecake I tried here was amazingly yummy! Hence the reason why I wanted to get something from there in Malaysia (hint. Hint. My mom loves cakes from The CheeseCake Shop).

But beggars cannot be choosers. I suppose in this case, the thought counts. Of course, the other wonder is the use of for that very purpose.

Anyway, it had been a pretty interesting week. I have an assignment due on Monday, so that rendered me unable to attend the Ravensbourne training sessions with some of the students who attended ANS.

You know, I do enjoy LAN sessions, but just as like chocolates, good things come in small packages. Too much of it, and you will gag.
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SilverFOX:War of the fishes (2006)


SilverFOX:War of the fishes (2006)

Meanwhile, back in Malaysia, we have numerous fast-food chains jumping on the fish-y bandwagon. Has it got to do with the bird flu scare rumoured to be spreading from some parts of the country, I don't know, but it's open to interpretations.

McDonald's doing it is understandable; heck, they only extended their Fillet-O-Fish list to include Fish McDippers and added an extra fillet to their already yummy fish burger. But seeing Kentucky Fried Chicken recently added fish burgers to their menu sure took the cake.

Even Nando's and Burger King are doing it, respectively offering Peri-Peri Fish and salmon burger.

The only thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was a certain pizzaria place's new seafood pizza. I gotta give credit to the guys doing the advertisement - CY and I ordered one and it came out looking nothing like the pictures we've seen. Oh, and I've got proof too :)

These pics were taken before CNY (sorry girl, a bit late I know) but nevertheless still good for show-and-tell. Wait for the 'incriminating evidence' as I'll be uploading the pics later. The only Photoshop-ping the pics will get is resizing them to fit in this window and blurring of the said place's logo... ^_^;

EDIT: Here ya go!

From her expression here, you know CY was eager to have a go
at the seafood pizza

She took up the pizza slicer, and just as she was about to touch it...

...she had to abruptly stop as I noticed some anomalies with the pizza
(check out her cute 'eh?' look in this pic ^_^)

Compare this promo table stand to the pics I took below...

A closer inspection showed the ingredients on the pizza seemed to
have been simply 'thrown in'

Just look at the prawn - man, the ones in the ad looked better than this!
Well, at least they don't look 'starved'...
DoTa:  NutCases!


DoTa: NutCases!

If I don't play F.P.S, I play R.T.S.

I did say I won't play DoD, but shall I put it?


Ok. I know. I suck at the game.

I die. LIKE ALL THE TIME! We have a couple of NoObs in the game, about 4 of us. The rest survive most of the time.

The guys played DoD for the past two LANs, but has since changed stance after playing DoTa some time before midnight. The guys were so caught up with the game that they didn't sleep till the wee hours of the morning ! Then some of them drove out for brekkie at Mackers, napped a while till noon.

They are UP and about playing DoTa in the hall NOW????

Well, I heard that they'll host another LAN tonight.

Uh....... guys, are you for REAL?

Anyway, Logan was really good at it. Watching him play made it seem so effortless to just up-level. He just manages to kill everyone regardless which character he gets, even at Random Mode. I learn a lot from just observing Logan play....he he he.

Yup, and the guys were FEEDING off me to UP themselves ??? BULLIES!!
You guys JUST wait.

Anyway, they'll be hosting another LAN sometime in the week. As the priviledge of being the inmate host, Justin who dislikes DoTa with a vengeance, the guys have voted to have the FPS and RTS LANs separately for that very reason.

With CyberCafes a thing of luxury in OZ (computers aren't that cheap to maintain here, y'know!) LAN parties are about the only thing that us students look towards during our free time. He he he.
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