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Places visited so far.

I am bored. I am going to do this a.k.a Annie style.....hehe.

Things I have done since coming to Australia.

- went shopping loads at Grand Central, Margaret Street with Sunithi

- stayed at a motel for the weekend at Gold Coast. (AUD75!)

- visited Harbour Town in Gold Coast.

- visited Surfer's Paradise.

- checked out the USQ Club.

- took the bus and toured around Toowoomba city by myself!

- visited Brisbane city!

- went up to Mount Cottha (right...if that is a mountain)...but great city look-out spot and lovely for weddings.

- visited the Botanical Gardens with Adrian!

- had 'dim sum' at Brisbane Chinatown with Adrian, Mick & Eric.

- took the bus back by myself to Toowoomba!

- went for the Toowoomba Show Fair with Kevin (last Thursday!)

- visited two church meetings!

- cooked loads of food: hong dau sui, hak loh mai, ching tong mai fun, chicken curry, sai mai yeh tong sui

- and finally,

Got myself into heaps of trouble!!!

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