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A quaint little place...

I am sure you guys must have been wondering how Toowoomba is like....

Basically, it's a pretty small place. A university town.
Students get half rate (whether at tertiary or high school and below) when they take a ride on the bus or at entrances to most places (clubs, funfairs, shows, etc.)

One major bus company services the entire town (mostly from the uni to town and then to the other side of town and back to the uni). They mostly run from as early as 6am to as late as only about 6pm. After those times, you'd just have to take the taxi (which is ouch! very expensive!).

It's a bit hard without a car, but it's a bit pointless to get one if I am only going to be here for a while. Cars here ARE very CHEAP. But the insurance premium is the KiLLEr. A decent average car that a student can get is about 3-4k AUD.

There are a lot of cheap supermarkets around here, but the more popular ones among students (international and domestic!) among which are ALDI (very cheap!), COLES, Woolworth's HomeBrand, Crazy Clarks. I haven't seen much of the others since I do not travel that much, but that's fine by me. I did travel that much back in KL anyway.

Ya, I know that I have not really been updating* this site as much...

* just have too many things on mind to think* about + assignments + readings these days to add up to my schedule. So there!

Well, it's been a month plus now since I moved in.

I haven't had much time to upload pictures nor add, afar from the ones you saw of that rainbow, or Gold Coast for the matter. Well, I can't help it. The internet connections sucks ! (dial up, that is!)

Very slow! I haven't really spent much time editing the photos (I do try from time to time. Heh.).

Then again, I have not actually been taking much pictures of late.

Ok, I promise to put in more pictures. The student village. the people. the ANS church. So you guys get an idea of how life around here is like.

But not so much about the uni, as I am wary about putting things which may affect the privacy and reputation of the tertiary institution I am in. I AM studying here, so I would try to protect their privacy. I do not need to be needlessly sued for trivial reporting.

Anyway, I have decided to move from my current unit to another. It's an all male unit (which is fine by me), and I have been hesitating all this while...coz?

I have no idea.

It's just a change of unit number, but everything else of the mailing address remains the same. I am going to hand in the letter to administration when I get back from uni later.

I kept procrastinating about it coz I was trying to weigh the I did last year..*lolz*

NOT a good thing I know..but Heck. THAT's me... LoL.

note* SilverFox, well, it's about the whole CG thing last year...from Ruggeds to Connectionx.

Anyway, the new unit would be a 5 room unit shared by 5 people. I would be the ONLY female on board.

Which is FINE by me anyway. There will be 2 toilets, one upstairs and another downstairs. There's probably less space for me in the freezer and fridge (yeah, 5 people sharing one fridge, like, obviously!) as well as the shelf.

Apparently, the 3 room units are quite coveted, but I don't feel like it.. Well, I will find out for myself eventually anyway.....

Ok, catch you guys later!

btw, SilverFox, get your *ass* online! Where have you disappeared to???

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SilverFOX said...

Yes boss... no boss, I'm not lazing around. I'm working boss, zzzzz... :p

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