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Have you ever had anything happened to you that you thought was trivial and could put it nonchantly away at the back of your mind and pretend that nothing ever happened?

Not only did you pretend that nothing happened, but you also did not speak about it to anyone else about that matter, coz you thought you could get over it, but apparently, in my case, it was not so, because it is not something that you want to talk to people about.

It was something that happened the week before I went over to visit my cousin in Brisbane. As much as it, I did not tell him what happened. I didn't need him to have any additional worries.

Now, I realise that I am actually not getting over the matter, coz I didn't grieve over it, and I didn't really want to face the fact that it happened to me. So yes. I am grieving over it tonight. In fact I need to cry over it before I can accept it happened to me.

And no. I am not going to call any Australian hotline care number that they put on the cable tv.

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Elaine said...

What happened?

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