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Blessed Easter!

Hei people, I have been busy in the past 2 days helping out with a local church who runs 4 stalls at the AGMF.

Nope, I didn't get the passes. It's about $75 AUD for 3 day passes, and $35 for day passes.
Some areas in the fair are free, and we are stationed at the food courts.

Well, I don't really care to go (unless someone gave me a free ticket!) and watch Rebecca St. James or Hillsong United, since I am not too familiar with the groups anyway. Another reason why I didn't get the passes.

I and 2 other fellas, Justin and Matt, mainly man the meat pies & sausage rolls stall. Our stall mainly sells Asian food, ranging from Japanese sushi to Malaysian/Singaporean food ( Singapore ever had any "original" food to begin with......) and Chinese styled food to Italian food.

We learnt about health and food hygiene in the practical sense. All those handling food had to wear sanitary gloves. Another person had to handle the money. Of course, whether most of them actually followed the rule to the T is a different matter altogether.

A health food inspector came to inspect us on the first day to make sure that all of us had gloves on. We heard that he would be coming on the second day to take pictures, but whether he did or not, we didn't know..(as Justin puts it, they normally do it in "plains-clothes" so we wouldn't know even if they DID come!)

Sales for first day was not bad. We had to re-stock loads of times.

Sales for the second day was almost selling out. The main pastor (yes, they have their own business as well) and his wife are quite experienced in this field, so they knew what to expect.
Sales on weekends are always good. I would be expecting the same for Sunday, since Monday is a holiday here.

The cycle went like this.

Morning tea: most people went for the pies & sausage rolls.

Lunch: Both days were doing fairly well. Even better as expected on weekends.

Evening tea: On Saturday evening we added popiah. (other wise just known as deep fried crispy spring rolls in the west). Today there were loads of people queueing up before 6 as Rebecca St. James was performing.

The Sausage Rolls & Meat pies sold out.

The popiahs were a hit.

Matt had this "psychology" thing about turning the spring rolls around, saying that if the person who mans the store was doing something (any for that matter) to the items on sale, it would draw the attention of the people who are waiting in line to it... = hence boosting business= boosting profit!

I wonder why we never thought of it.....hmmm...

The chinese rice dishes were a hit with the locals.

The Malaysian/ Singaporean food were a hit.

The Italian spaghetti/fettucine carbonara/bolognaise was a hit with the locals.

7 AUD is normal selling price for food in plastic packs. (for someone who comes from a place where zhap fan is RM5 the max, AUD7 is a bit Expensive lar...) unless you were talking about food courts in KLCC, and the rice retails at RM7 or more, and some more got air cond and cushion seating, then only got so high lar.

I not talking about conversion rate, you bodoh. I was comparing in terms of dollar to dollar basis lar, smart ass!

I have not actually worked at a food stall before this, so this is quite an experience for me.. especially talking to customers. LoL.

Gotta work on my enterprising and communication skills....

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