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AnZac LAN Day.

If there is one thing I should have reminded myself about staying in a testosterone dominated accomodation, it is that I am not an RPG-First-Person-Shooter C.S/ DoD game phreak.

Thank you guys, but 15 minutes of a motion sickness inducing game is more than my poor head can bear. DoTa is still still 'ok' though.

If you guys can get something like an Initial_D L.A.N game, perhaps I could still last past 15 minutes in the first round.

Anyway, I just got my hair cut!!

Yong Kuang opted for the G.I. Joe style. He was given a shaving set as a gift some time ago, and managed to persuade Aunt. Joan & Edna to do the illustrious labour for us. Maggie tagged in along for the ride halfway through.

The guys ordered pizza from the "Pink Tiled Pizzeria" with a doggie name for its slogan which currently runs a Tuesday Special of AuD4.95 + 10% surcharge blah blah blah.
I think I shall stick to Domino's. The pizzas didn't run too well with some of us as we found out later in the night after dinner......

Anyway, just to inform you guys that the Nokia Blogster contest is over. The results are out.
I won a Nokia 1600. I wouldn't have minded winning one with a camera, but heck, something is better than nothing!

Well, it's back to work now. Will put up the pictures later...!

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