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the weather.

It's the 3rd day of Autumn here.

Just getting used to everything.

Apparently calls for landlines are 20cents per hour per
call. But student village is charging 60cents. considering
that we are not paying for the rental of the phone...welll.
that probably kind of makes up for it.

i need get more warm's autumn
but the winds are so cold that everyone is wearing warm and
thick jackets from now.

i will update my blog from here onwards. won't be logging in
to the to do that as much, as they allow an
email to blog function. pretty cool and saves on the
bandwith, especially as it may take forever to log on to
blogger even at home sometimes. *lol*

ok. i will try to see how i can go about purchasing more
bandwith and logging on to it.

living a student pretty hard after working for so
so anyway, if you guys want to send me stuff, just send it
to the mailing addrss. if you don't have it, or lost it, ask
for it again...

There are loads of international students from all over the
world. quite a number are my age.

ok, gotta run.
Chea Yee

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