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SilverFOX: Google Talk with Chea Yee

Poor CY! First she has limited bandwidth to surf on the Internet, then there's no way for her to use Instant Messengers to communicate with everyone, and now she's almost out of her mind because she has to use the computer in the lab to go online.

Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad CY~

But not all is lost. Not yet for her anyway.

Because of a minor setting she tweaked in her Gmail account (read: language), she couldn't access her Google Talk directly from her Gmail web browser. So after a couple of excruciating weeks, guess what? I happened to chance upon an article about Google Talk being available on Gmail web browsers and bla bla bla... and one part caught my eye. It goes something like, "...available for US language-based Gmails". Hmm, intriguing.

Well, to cut a long story short, sent her an email to ask her to change her setting to US English, and voila!, saw her online on Google Talk for the first time since she's in Australia. Heh, how about that folks? I seemed to have misplaced the link to the said article, but I'll post it up here as soon as I find it (again). So for the rest of you who's having problems with accessing your Google Talk from your Gmail web browser, you now know what to do. Meh ;)

So get online and look for CY's online status in Google Talk. I'll try to find out what time and day she wil be available for chat sessions and post it here as well. Until then, take away her loneliness, peeps! Ciao!

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