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Picture whoring freaks....

Today the sand has settled.

Among other things
, I finally got the number of subjects enrolled correctly!

Yesterday was chatting with a friend over MSN. The mic couldn't work. Was just chatting online with PG earlier. Well, the MSN speaker still DOESN'T WORK. It's a stupid thing.

My dial-up connection is slow, so I only used GTalk instead. I tried with Skype, and it seems clear. Well, we will see whether it works the next time or not.

Anyway, pictures galore! After refining my skills for at least a few dishes, I volunteered to cook chicken curry for the Hongkies, and the chicken noodle soup. IF I had a rice-cooker, it would be Much Much easier. Just dump every thing into the pot. Alternatively, we could cook steam boat a la congee style. Delicious!

I left the chicken bones for the soup base. Hence killing two birds with one stone!

Speaking of which, a new cyclone, Wati has formed since.
Just pray for the protection of the people in this region of Toowoomba, and that God's hand would be upon the people here.

kitchn cooking

Alan snapping away.


Pictures of Gold Coast beach....
Walking along the beach......

Happy Gay Family.

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