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In Brisbane.

Hei people.
Am currently in Brisbane now! Well, currently bunking over at Adrian's place.

This mornng, my friends dropped me over right near the Brisbane center of
my uni, and I waited for my cousin there. As I was waiting, I was reading through one of
my study books. One lady stopped me and started asking if I was waiting to use the uni lab, and then gave me the access codes to the lab for it.

Amazing! A total stranger who was a fellow student in the same uni but just gave me the codes just because. When I noted it, Adrian stated that it must be a cultural difference....(will write more on it later).

Anyway, I am currently logging in from Adrian's place, coz his lappie has wireless. Well, in the morning we dropped off our stuff and headed down to Indooropilly Shopping Town for
breakfast at Hungry Jacks.

You know, when I first saw the logo for Hungry Jacks, it looked suspiciously like Burger King's in Malaysia, but it was not until today that Adrian confirmed it. He said the only way to see if it was the same was to look at the menu contents.

Anyway, I didn't have a good night's sleep coz I slept at 3am the night before and woke up by 5.45am, and left for Brisbane with Mac (and friends) at 6am. If you arewondering, the sun rises at 5.30 in Queensland. I am not too sure about the rest of Australia though. 

After breakfast, we headed back to the apartment and slept for another 2 hours and then headed out first to a local uni (*un-named to maintain privacy) to check out the lovely sparkling view of the lake. There were gaggles of lovely long neck-ed white geese and brown ducks that followed my cousin coz when he fed the ducks with some bread.
Then later, we headed over to the Botanical Gardens and One Tree Hill (a famous city look-out point) at Mount Cot-tha.

Overlooking the souvenir shop and dining area attached with it, there was a lake. Preparations for a wedding dinner was in place that night, and by the time we left, many ladies and gentlemen in formal dinnerwear were in attendance.

The Botanical Garden was loaded to brim with all kinds of greenery: fruit trees which have been cultivated as a sample to grow in those grounds, (kam quat), mangoes, orange, pomelo, cactus, big sized aloes from South Africa and others from Madagascar.

The Botanical Gardens also has a japanese garden, as well as a Tropical Dome, which was essentially a greenhouse. As we entered, Adrian asked if I could feel the difference between
the humidity of the air in the greenhouse, as well as out in the air. Do any of you guys notice the difference?

Well, essentially, the air is a bit dryer than what I am used to, but seriously, I did not really notice it......ZzzzzZ..

Anyway, We only made it through one third of the gardens, as we wanted to go up and catch the sunset at One Tree Hill.

Anyway, the view from the Lookout is great.
Lovely clouds.
Blue skies.
Cloud with silver lining.
Two couples getting their wedding pictures taken.
History of Mount Cot-tha: name given by the indigenous people for the 'honey' collected from the native sting-less bees.
Was a place where some gold was mined. But not as much as Eldorado.
Used a a Navy Lookout point and for artillery storage during  the world war.
And yes, a PICNIC point!!

We stayed there admiring the clouds and for the sun to set.

Lovely view of the city.

Anyway, I am now awaiting dinner at Adrian's place. His house mate, Eric, is cooking. The food smells fiery in the air, so can't wait to see what the latter has concocted up!

Well, tomorrow, we'll be heading off to ChinaTown and some of the shopping areas.
Can't wait to check out the scene there, and maybe the local night scenes here tonight.
Ok, till I log in next, ciao people!

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