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Frequency: The Future in Listening.

I had a very nice long nap last night after class yesterday...

Anyway, went over to Justin's to have dinner yesterday. It was the first time everyone was present at the table for a full sit-down dinner, as Tony puts it. *Lolz*

Anyway, after that, we watched Frequency on the tv-cum-lappie-connected-via-cables, starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel.
I only just realised who Jim Caviezel is (he is the actor who played Jesus Ch.rist in Passion of Christ)....ZzzzzZZ.

If you are a fan of Back to The Future, this would be the movie for you. As they say, if you change something in the past, it will trigger off another chain reaction of other things (regardless bad, or good, but hopefully good) to come in the future.

The start of the movie didn't look too promising. Very slow moving. It is basically about a son (Jim) who finds a ham radio one day, and uses it to communicate to his dead (but still alive) father 30 years earlier. The excitement comes after Jim warns his father about his own death and he saves his own life, triggering of a series of change and that is where the movie
The movie really starts from there...


Ok, I was IMPRESSED by the movie.

It was a SURPRISE ENDING that I didn't account for.

All in all, if you have not watched it, go and do so.

I loved it!

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