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Food, glorious food!!

My cooking ability gets a bit more varied...since my 'scientific insight'.




How did the food tasted? Well...I thought the red bean soup should be a bit thicker, but the people who drank it thought it seemed fine. Then again, I don't like red bean soup which is 'too thick"!

I loved the curry chicken gravy! It tasted savory, yet sweet enough, but edible. *yum yum*
But not too much curry chicken in one week....maybe a fornight's time from now?
I used canned coconut cream for the gravy, and used half and half of coconut and water for the gravy. Curries with thick coconut gravy taste dastardly.
Actually, I was trying to get it taste a bit more spicier, but I am not sure how about to do it...Zzzz..

The chicken noodle soup was made using chicken bones for the soup base. I didn't actually realise that I had to skim the chicken fat, but that looked dastardly, so I did. It was okay...but needed more seasoning and salt to add flavor to the soup.. still..amateur cook ler...
the chicken meat could have been shredded a bit more finer.

When we were having our meals, we were having this conversation between the difference about foods in India and Australia, where the latter might be BIG, but are pretty bane and tasteless. This is cause the food is sold for the weight, but not for the taste....Zzzz.. and the former, where the food might be puny but nonetheless, it is RICH in taste.

I am not surprised that Kean Tat, who after spending 3 years studying in Australia, could not get used to the curries in Malaysia once he got back here. *PITY*. Ha ha.

Well, most food in Australia is very bane and plainless by comparison, so the food that is made here, is adapted to the tastes of the locals. Even the fruits and vegetables which are cultivated are tasteless, according to sources who have worked in fruit farms..

Oh well. As they say, "In Rome, live as the Romans do".

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