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First week in Toowoomba.

The past one week has been tremendous. It would be great to be like Annie who has just come back from UK, but nah...that can wait for a while.

I am merely just getting adjusted to the cold winds of Autumn. A lot of the students from the tropics (like Indonesians, India, Singapore and those who just arrived) are complaining about that, but I think we will get adjusted to that.

Internet access has been restricted here, but I do get my supply of classical music from the uni e-library, but even that takes up my bandwith allowance...*sigh*. Looks like I just have to rely on my classical cds I brought from home...haha.

I had my laptop wireless connection set-up, so I do not necessarily have to go to the computer lab to access the internet, but then again, I do not want to be lugging my lappie around like a lunatic (it is heavy, you know???).We are given about 2gigs of storage to do our work. Actually, a lot of the students come in with no computer, and rely on the com lab to do their work and then dump it into their online accounts. Well, hopefully the server DOES NOT crash any time soon. So, I can just do the work in the com and save it to my pendrive, then transfer it to my laptop, or vice versa. It's much more easier to just do the work at home and then send it to the online printer here.

The winter is coming, so I have to get a heater (ESSENTIAL!) but they are not sold yet, coz it's just only autumn now. Nonetheless, everyone is going around in long sleeved jackets and the winds can be very very cold. It's even colder on days when it has just rained, and it can be freezing colds on those mornings.

Anyway, you guys do send me a snail mail, card or can be a bit *lonely* for new students like I am ;-)

It's been great meeting a lot of new students here. Mostly international. Surprisingly, they are all the same age as I am (25 and above!) and doing undergraduate, but in different majors. For a moment, I actually thought I'd be the oldest, but there are even others more older than I am....hei, so Seong and Ryan should not be too *bothered* back there in KL, hor?

There is a church service at the uni which I attended this Sunday morning. Well, I have been going for three different christian meetings this week, thanks to Suni, who practically attends all the cell meetings. I thought I would be skippng church when I come here...but I think that God has other plans for me. *lolz*. There are about 3 to 4 different christian groups for international students on campus, including Catholic and even a Mormon group! The mormon group even has advertisements on tv.... :-O

Well, how do I do my shopping for my groceries? My student mentor, Suni (2nd year from India) brought me and another international student, Katy to town on the bus. Initially I bought some groceries at this uni plaza near Student Village, but then she said that the stuff are cheaper in town.

Anyway, I have some enrolment discrepancy with my courses, so I have to get that rectified. When colleges have agreements, there tends to be some discrepancy somewhere or another. I wrote to my local counsellor, and hope (and wait) for an answer from there.... ok, gotta run!

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