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Dial UP is UP!!

I finally got dial up UP!!

Woo doubt it is slow, but it is BETTER THAN

I am finally blogging from my bedroom....which is GREAT.

Well, the connection will disconnect depending on the office

How am I now?

My enrolment is still down to 5 subjects, coz I am now in 2 ONC and 2 EXT. And visa requires 3 ONC...So I dunno ler. Just pray harder for something to work out of this!!

I just came from a Cell Group tonight, and the pastor's wife cooked chinese herbal mutton soup. So I packed two tubs and passed it around to the mates. Justin C. definitely loved it..he had never tried anything like that. So did kiwi Paul and Yang Kwang (malaysian the least!)

We stole some of Tony's pasta dinner......* sorry lor* time cook dinner for u ya!

Tony's pasta

Then I brought another tub to the Hongkie group, and they were drooling like mad....over the beancurd (foo jok) and soup. Just about the right salty taste. Yum Yum.Can't wait to start cooking!

herbal soup

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