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Now, if you were wondering "counter-strike" is the name of a computer game, yes, it is. Well, that is what I thought, but it also a military strategy taken by leaders, and a successful counter-strike could determine the life or capture of a country during battle. 

Warfare is a very complicated thing. We read about it, but sometimes find it hard to internalise it. But warfare, not just as Sun Tzu states it, happens not only in the battlefield, but in our every day lives. It is just a matter of WHETHER we are able to observe it as it happens.

Today I watched a documentary on the Battle of Moscow, and one on the Yom Kippur War. The documentary talks about the counter-strike measures taken by both Russia and Israel in the face of a battle. Now, I do not want to write in detail about this here, cause I do not want to give my secret fledging thoughts away. Thanks, but I would like to keep some for myself.

Yet, we can employ many of these strategies even in our every social life, and even in our businesses, as well as social lives. As I have found out, and even reflected, I did exactly that today. In counterstrike, there are a few key elements which are important in deciding the successful outcome. Among which are,

Intelligences,  Force Ratio,  Timing and Surprise,  Unexpected Opportunities.

If you want to know more, go and read Sun Tzu's Art of War.

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