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Cooking and more cooking....

Woo hoo....

Ok, ever since I got my dial up, I left the lappie on for ages...till it disconnects itself anyway. I tried chattingwith Michelle, my niece, over MSN, but the connection was not so good. But still worth a try.

Also with PG....who finally got himself a mic and webbie....*hehe*. Havent spoken to him in ages. He got a new handphone!!

(yes so am I....from Nokia! but that will take ages before it reaches me from KL!)

Anyway, I got a call from Kishore and Hussein from Malaysia last night. Never imagined that they'd call...but IT's GREAT that they did!

and also a *nudge* from JustinC. today during YumCha at ANS today. He probably does not know the meaning of what that implied (as it was a personal thing) nor would he know what
it was he said (even he browsed my blog here), but somehow it was like an answer to my query.

Anyway, I am going down to Brisbane next weekend. Am bunking over with Adrian, and probably want to meet up with Isabel as well.

As I mentioned in my other blog, I am going to try to refine my cooking skills here. I doubt I will be cooking much western food, as I will be leaving that to my western counterparts to do that for me.

My mom's recipe for pancakes is a family secret, and I intend to try it out when I am here...anyway, I found some willing international students who were willing to try out
my Asian cooking (ha ha ha), and Asian food here is VERY VERY Expensive....Actually, EVERYTHING here is expensive.

I quote JustinC "GET USED TO IT!".

There is a nice dish from Asia, which the Hongkie students made the other day which is Honeydew melon cubes in Sago Coconut Milk. It would taste much better if it was chilled
in the freezer first, but those are among some of the foods that we can home make.

For the first time in my life, I made my own scrambled Eggs and had a banana and milk for breakfast this morning. Yum Yum!

We have loads of eggs now since my house mates started working at the factory.

Was just going through some recipes at yesterday. I am going to attempt to cook. WISH ME LUCK!

1) Hokkien Mee
2) Crepes
3) Pancakes


it actually looks nicer than it tastes.....

4) Curry chicken
5) Chapati
6) Dhal
7) Pulut Hitam (Hak Loh Mai).
8) Pre-Fried Noodles (Yee Meen) and thick gravy
9) Pre-Fried Noodles (Yee Meen) in soup
10) Azuki bean soup (Red Bean soup)

Maybe even attempt to cook spaghetti Carbonara sauce, sambal
belacan and kueh lapis IF I have the time...

Spaghetti, pasta, coconut milk is very is milk, the different kinds of flour from Coles or Woolworths. I heard that meat is expensive at Woolworths though.

So, when I head down to ChinaTown, Adrian is going to show me the different kinds of food they sell there, and where to get them...*hehe*. Got to GET THE $$ Ready!

Ok, on Wednesday night, I headed to the USQ Club here. It's a Club where Uni students get to enter for free (using their id cards) and below 18s enter under supervision (Under 18s
are not allowed to drink). The locals (non Uni students) have to pay about 5 dollars (i think) to enter.

Drinks sold at the CLUB is VERY much expensive, so a lot of them drink before going to the uni. My house mates and their friends asked me to join, so I did. It was good fun.

But there were some unsavory characters at the Club who wanted to try their luck. (Yucks). Really long octopus hands. The CLUB closes at 3 and only opens on Wed to Fridays free for students. A good place to go if you are bored at home or want a distraction from studies.

Ok, gotta run and cook my dinner for tonight. Have to think of something basic and Asian for starters....

Ciao people!

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