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Bloody Bloodhounds...

Well, I am a bit pissed coz I woke up EARRRRRRRRRRLY this morning to go to the Bus Transit Centre in the middle of Brisbane to catch my bus, only to be greeted with the announcement over the speaker "The Bus will be DELAYED for half an hour".

So I waited.

Well...half an hour turned into ONE HOUR.

When I arrived at the Bus Interchange at Toowoomba, granted, the bus was late. I missed it again...So I had to wait for another almost half an hour. ZzZzZZZZZZ.

You can say I was pretty pissed. Coz I could have just woke up later and miss my tutorials if I wanted to, but NO. I choose NOT TO skip my classes, and WHAT do I get in return?

A splitting headache in class and I had to quickly go and cook Maggi Mee on arrival, coz I was so bloody hungry..

I paid for a Greyhound bus, and the bus was late. I could have just opted to wait till 11am in the morning, miss my tutes at 12pm, and pay $16 for Suncoast Pacific instead of $23 for the Greyhound bus fare (though it's edi discounted for students edi!)

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I am ranting. So what? I AM PISSED.

At least you guys get to look at pictures of the ducks and Botanical Gardens later!

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