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2nd week of sem

Hi there people. It's two hours later here than in KL if you guys are wondering what time it is here.
It's about 3.34pm here in Toowoomba time, which makes it about 1.34pm back there in KL.

Lunch time there eh?

*gotta get used to that....*

Anyway, the weather has been real HOT and SUNNY these past few days.
I am heading down to Gold Coast for the weekend. It's organised by my uni's Student Guild and costs about 70 dollars which is quite cheap by Australian standards, which could otherwise cost about 200 dollars normally (according to my couz, Adrian who is currently in Brisbane).  However,

I gotta bring my sheets, bed sheets, clothes and baggage for the weekend. I saw on the news that the winds are turbulent over there, but I am not too sure about that....oh's not like I am going to swim anyway.....

We are also going down to ChinaTown next Saturday. The return trip is 25 dollars, (which is made cheap for us freshies...*hahaha*.)

I will probably make another trip to Brisbane to get my working visa done and visit Adrian, and probably Isabel at the same time. Yeah, Isabel is one of the parents who was helping out in MKIS and I got to know her from there. She is currently residing somewhere in Brisbane with her family. Been ages since I saw her.

Ok, one thing I can say is that Textbooks are so EXPENSIVE..........90 over dollars for a book.....if converted, will change about almost RM300 per book....

I think I need to find work soon! :-O. Yeah, got to go around looking for 2nd hand books, or just borrow them from the library. I am allowed about 12 books to borrow, so about 3 books per course... the Selected Readings however, are much cheaper. I wonder what do these book writers have in mind when they started out writing text books? I doubt most students can AFFORD any of it....*wide eyes*

Ok, I am still not used to living with house mates. Obviously I can't write about this here....coz if it is anything bad, I am going to get my head chopped off...*nevermind*.
You guys just pray for me that everything will turn out well. I feel that I did get a touch from God on Sunday, coz as you know, the Word is the Sword, and it can pierce through hardened hearts when the right time comes.....
Ok, gotta run! Loggin off....
Chea Yee.

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